Anthurium Dressleri: Plant Care & Propagation, 4 Common Problems + Buying Tips



Anthurium dressleri is a rare houseplant that has recently had plant collectors in awe. But growing it can be a real challenge. So even if you have experience with high-maintenance plants, this species will put your green fingers to the test.

If you’ve recently added Anthurium dressleri to your collection, learning how to care for it and keep it thriving is essential. Read on to find out more.

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Care Guide


Anthurium dressleri  has moderate light requirements. In its natural habitat, this terrestrial species grows on the jungle forest floor. Unlike epiphytic Anthuriums, this species doesn’t use its roots to climb trees and other surfaces. 


The ideal potting mix for Anthurium dressleri should be very light, well-draining, and rich in organic matter. 


Always keep the soil of  your Anthurium dressleri moist but not soaked. The only way to achieve this delicate balance is if you’re using the right soil mix. Otherwise, the combination of constant moisture and compacted soil will suffocate the roots and start to rot.

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