A-Z List of Black Chicken Breeds: 18 Types (With Pictures)



If you’ve been looking for a unique chicken breed that stands out from the rest, look no further! We’ve rounded up eighteen black chicken breeds that make a great addition to any home flock.

Featuring the world’s most expensive chicken- and some breeds even have black bones, organs, skin, and meat!

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A-Z List of 18 Black Chicken Breeds

Ancona: the Friendly and Outgoing Italian

The Ancona chicken breed is a dual-purpose breed that originated in Italy. These chickens are known for their beautiful, striking black feathers and orange-red eyes. 


Black Australorp: Iconic Heritage and Impressive Layer

The Black Australorp is an iconic heritage chicken breed that originated in Australia. It is a dual-purpose bird, which is suitable for both egg and meat production. 


Ayam Cemani: the World’s Most Expensive Chicken

Ayam Cemani is native to Java, Indonesia. It’s a relatively small bird with a deep black color that can be seen from head to toe. 


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