Best Companion Plants for Cabbage Family: Pests + What to Avoid




Cabbage is a simple plant to grow, and many of its varieties are so attractive that you could grow them alongside your ornamental plants. 

They face the most significant threat from aphids and the dreaded cabbage worm, but with a few straightforward  tactics, these pests can be controlled or completely eradicated.

7 Best Companion Plants for Cabbage

1. Indian mustard 2. Yellow Rocket Cress 3. Thyme 4. Sweet Alyssum 5. Dill 6. Sunflowers 7. Daisy-type flowers

How These Cabbage Companion Plants Help With Pests

If you plant sweet alyssum nearby, your cabbages will draw parasitic wasps, laying their eggs under the caterpillar’s skin. The caterpillar will molt, and the resulting larvae will consume it from the inside out.

4 Bad Companion Plants With Cabbage

- Lettuce - Strawberries - Tomatoes - Rue

Getting Started: Planting Cabbage

Grown in the fall and spring, cabbage is a cool-season crop. Start indoor seed germination six to eight weeks prior to the last date of frost for spring growing. Start your seeds in the late summer or fall for growing in the fall and even winter in milder climates.

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