Fact-Checked Pothos Plant Benefits & 1 Disadvantage




Also known as Devil’s ivy, pothos are low-maintenance plants that will thrive in a variety of conditions while requiring minimal upkeep. In other words: you don’t need a green thumb to enjoy the benefits of pothos plants.

Here’s a list of the top pothos plant benefits from filtering air, being lucky, and even medicinal use.

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Explained: 6 Pothos Plant Benefits

Air Purification

All plants perform photosynthesis to survive. During this process, plants convert sunlight, water,  and carbon dioxide into food. Across the planet,  indoor and outdoor plants absorb CO2 from the air, making it easier for us to breathe.


Pothos in Aquariums

The pothos roots absorb nitrates and ammonia from the water. These substances enter the water through fish waste and fish food. In large quantities, ammonia and nitrates can kill fish.


Aesthetic Versatility

Pothos is a trailing plant that produces attractive green leaves with yellow variegation. But these heart-shaped leaves can display many different shades and variegations.


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