Must-Have Carrot Companion Plants for the Best Harvest




Root vegetables are enjoyable to grow because you never quite know what you’re going to get—some carrots can create some pretty unique shapes as they mature!

Carrots represent almost every color of the rainbow. Also, if you let their lovely, airy, leafy tops flower, you won’t believe the display! We’ll cover the best carrot companion plants, and explain how they work together.

5 Best Carrot Companion Plants

1. Chives 2. Radish 3. Lettuce 4. Thyme 5. Cosmos

Working Together to Avoid Carrot Pests

- Thyme - Chives - Cosmos - Radish - Lettuce

What You Should Avoid When Planting Carrots

– Dill: It is the wrong companion plant with carrots because it could lead to a poor-tasting hybrid by cross-pollinating. – Potato

Getting Started & Planting Carrots

Carrot seeds can be sown in  the fall in regions with mild winters. Carrot seeds can be sown outside three to five weeks before the last frost date in areas with colder winters.

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