Rare Kinds of Hibiscus That Will Take Your Breath Away




With over 200 species to explore, these tropical and subtropical wonders span stunning colors and patterns. Known for their dramatic pistil protrusions, hibiscus plants grace gardens with exotic flair.

We’ll explore rare kinds of Hibiscus that you may have never heard of. Some even have fascinating uses, such as being an ingredient in shoe polish!


Abelmosk, also known as Musk Seed, Kaasturi, or Musk Mallow, is a special hibiscus plant that originates from India. It grows annually and can reach a height of two to six feet.



Aphrodite is a unique hibiscus plant known for its large, dark pink flowers with a bright yellow center. It blooms from mid to late summer when planted in an area with a mix of shade and sunlight.


Blue Bird (Hibiscus Syriacus)

Blue Bird, also known as Hibiscus Syriacus, is a unique and compact hibiscus that produces bluish-purple flowers. It is a versatile and low-maintenance perennial that grows up to 3-4′ tall and is perfect for creating hedges or adding beauty to any garden.


Blue River II

The Blue River II is a lovely hibiscus plant that’s easy to care for. It grows best in soil rich in organic matter and gets plenty of sunlight. This plant can grow quite tall, up to 12-15 feet, making it perfect for creating a dramatic effect in your garden.


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