20 Types of Delicious Microgreens To Grow

Microgreens’ popularity started in high-end chef cooking for fancy dining but has since grown into a commonplace flavor component in homes across the globe.

Several different microgreens can be quickly grown and harvested. Typically between a couple of days and a few weeks.

What are Microgreens?

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A microgreen is a young seedling of edible herbs and vegetables used to add texture and flavor to meals, garnish for visual enhancement, and as a nutrition supplement.


Unlike waiting for sprouts to fully mature, you harvest microgreens when they grow to two-to-three inches tall.

Time to Harvest

Microgreens are a superfood filled with nutritional value with significantly higher nutrient densities than mature plants, carrying tremendous health benefits.


Microgreens contain at least five times higher levels of carotenoids and vitamins than mature vegetable plants.

Health Benefits

There are over 80 types of delicious microgreens you can grow. Some have different requirements.


Not all microgreens are edible. Due to a higher risk of producing toxic compounds that make you sick

All Edible?

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