Starter Houseplants Anyone Can Keep Alive




Houseplants are a great way to bring greenery inside and uplift the mood of a home. Many people, however, hesitate to own plants due to the time and attention they require or the lack of ample sunlight in their homes.

These 20 plants generally grow well in all conditions, can sustain the winter months, and require minimum care and maintenance, all while bringing freshness and beauty to a space.


Aloe vera is commonly known as medicinal aloe. It is a good plant to grow at home not just because of the ease with which it propagates, but also because of its medicinal properties—from its everyday use as a moisturizer to the cooling and healing effects of its gel-like sap. Aloe can be grown in sandy, well-drained pots.

Asparagus Fern

This plant is not a fern but  its stem is covered with linear leaves. The leaves are needle- or grass-like and look beautiful because of their attractive shape. The small white flowers blooming between the foliage add to its beauty.

African Violet

As the name suggests, these herbaceous perennials are native to the African countries of Tanzania and Kenya. They produce clusters of violet, purple, or white flowers over the leaves that brighten any living room or dining space immediately.

Air Plant

The true name of this  plant is Tillandsia, but it has gained popularity as an “air plant” because of its ability  to get most of its nutrient requirements directly from the air. While it looks like a high-maintenance plant, it is very simple to care for.

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