Pothos Decoration Ideas + 9 Home Decor Tips (Stunning)




Here are 20 beautiful indoor pothos decoration ideas that complement and elevate the look of any room.

And for those aiming  to find inspiration and take their plant home decor to the next level, we’ll also provide the best tips on how to use pothos to its full potential.

Use Pothos to Bring Vintage and Modern Together

Home decor trends change, but pothos is here to stay. This timeless classic can bring a room together and even mitigate a clash in styles.


Make a Living  Curtain

Got a pothos plant with long vines and you’re not sure where to put it? Place the pot on a floating shelf to create a living curtain.


Create a Living Wall Display

The pothos wall will be the home decor centerpiece regardless of the room it’s in. For a simple design, a few wall pockets filled with your favorite pothos cultivars are enough to achieve the look.


Loop-Around Living Pothos Wall

Here’s a pothos wall alternative if you have very long, almost leggy plants. All you need is two parallel shelves and a few J hooks, then loop the pothos vines up and down to fill up the space.


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