Key Houseplant Statistics: Original & Industry Data




Household plants are on the rise. With changes in how we work and how we learn, people are spending more time inside, which has created a refreshing interest in household plants.

Let’s examine 19 fascinating statistics that show the popularity of houseplants, as well as the ways people benefit from a little indoor greener.

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13 Industry / Marketplace Houseplant Statistics

The Money Tree Is the Most Searched Houseplant in U.S.

The Money tree plant had the highest search volume, followed by the snake plant. This could be due to all the meanings of Money trees, which are common gifts.


Monstera Deliciosa is the Most-Searched Plant in 16 States

We found that the monstera deliciosa, also known as the “Swiss cheese plant” for its hole-filled leaves, was the most searched-for plant in 16 states.


U.S. Houseplant Industry Increased by $1 Billion Between 2020 and 2021 

Statista, a major data resource, reports that the market size for plants and flowers (indoor and out) in 2020 was 16.15 billion, which is certainly a large number. However, the market grew to 17.17 billion in 2021.


Nearly 88% of People Have at Least One Household Plant

Respondents with a single plant were the largest group, but people with at least one plant represent over 87% of the entire survey.


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