12 Houseplant Myths BUSTED

Don’t Make These Rookie Houseplant Mistakes & Give Plants Care They Deserve

Are you a plant parent looking to give your beloved indoor plants the best care possible? Or are you a new plant enthusiast looking to start your own collection?

We’ll be busting 12 of the most common houseplant myths to help you give your plants the care they deserve.

Let's get to it!

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If you’ve been told that misting your plants increases humidity, it’s time to stop. This is actually doing more harm than good.

1. Mist Your Plants

Unfortunately, this will inhibit growth. Keeping your plant in a pot that is too big for it will do absolutely no favors for it.

2. Bigger Pots

Leaving it to sit overnight settles the particles, dissipates the chlorine, and makes it safe for your plants to drink. But, unfortunately, this isn’t really the case.

3. Let Water Sit

Studies have shown that the number of plants needed to make a noticeable difference in air quality would be impractical to keep indoors.

4. Purify Air

While it is true that some plants require a lot of sunlight to grow, most indoor plants do not need direct sunlight (such as pothos plants).

5. Sunlight

While it is true that plants need nutrients to grow, over-fertilizing can harm your plants. Over-fertilizing can lead to leaf burn and can even kill your plants.

6. Fertilizer

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Check out the full article: We cover all 12 of the myths and bust each one.

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