Houseplant Myths Busted: Don’t Make These Rookie Mistakes




Are you a plant parent looking to give your beloved indoor plants the best care possible? Or are you a new plant enthusiast looking to start your own collection?

We’ll be busting 12 of the most common houseplant myths to help you give  your plants the care they deserve.

Myth 1: Mist Your Plants to Increase  Humidity

One of the most common houseplant myths is that it is beneficial to miss your houseplants. If you’ve been told that misting your plants increases humidity, it’s time to stop. This is actually doing more harm than good.

Myth 2: Plants Grow Bigger in Bigger Pots

A common misconception among beginner plant parents is that plants grow bigger in  bigger pots.

Myth 3: Tap Water Should Be Left Overnight Before Watering

The idea is that tap water contains chlorine and other harmful particles to sensitive plants such as Calafia and Spider plants.

Myth 4: Houseplants Purify the Air in Our Homes

This myth continues to be  used by plant growers and garden centers worldwide  as a marketing gimmick to increase their sales and  boost their margins.

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