Terrific Gardening Tips for Beginners




Are you considering starting a garden or just beginning your garden plot? Then, you’ll want to consider these resourceful gardening tips for beginners from Reddit put together to help you in your endeavor.

Dig as Much as You Can Water

Only dig as much as you can water. With the proper irrigation, your garden will thrive. One explained,  “I didn’t have a good watering setup, so I hauled large cans from the house to the garden until I finished watering everything.”


Thoroughly Plan Out Irrigation Setups

Irrigation setups are essential. If you take time to plan out the best method suited for your garden, your crops will benefit more than just throwing something together.


Try a No-Dig Garden If You Have Back Issues

Many gardeners noted that no-dig gardens are an excellent option for people with back problems. It is an approach where you avoid disrupting the soil and adds nutritious components such as compost.


Maximize Your Sunshine

Maximize the available sunshine that will hit your plants. First, map out how different areas in your yard get sunlight distribution over time. Then, you can plant the crops based on how many hours they get of sun daily.


Use Your Half-Moon Edger

Another gardener confessed, “I’ve found the best way to clear grass batches to prep your lawn for planting. First, I used a half-moon edger to cut the grass into foot-wide strips.


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