Must-Have Features Buyers Look for When Searching for a Home




Selling a home can be stressful no matter the price bracket or the neighborhood.

Real estate platform ZeroDown analyzed  its proprietary data, last updated April 7, 2022, to determine the 10 most common features that homebuyers list as must-haves when searching for home listings.

Walkable Neighborhood

Convenience for people who live in a walkable neighborhood, or a residential area close to public transportation and amenities, is only one of the many positives that homebuyers are looking for.


Beautiful Views

It’s no secret that humans are hard-wired to appreciate beauty, and it’s an evolutionary trait that helped everyone’s ancestors survive by looking at the attractive qualities of a fresh apple rather than one past its expiration, for example.


Quiet Neighborhood

Even buyers looking for the hippest neighborhood near the trendiest bars and nightclubs still need peace and quiet when they close their eyes to sleep at night.


Bonus Room

Whether it’s a den, over-garage room, basement, or something else, a bonus room is extra space that could equal extra money for sellers when listing their homes.


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