Houseplants People Admitted They Will Never Purchase Ever Again




Have you ever brought home a beautiful house plant and had a terrible time? You’ve got company.

A Redditor recently posted in the house plants community asking, “What house plants would you never buy again?” Here are the top-voted responses.

Croton Plant

Although they have a lot of health-related uses, like treating digestive problems and wounds, they attract web-spinning spider mites on dry and dusty leaves.


Ivy Plant

Ivy plants are just as bad a mite-magnet as crotons. Sure, they look great in hanging baskets or with other houseplants, but the maintenance can get to you.


Maidenhair Fern

Many people in the thread noted the problem with Maidenhair ferns is they are too thirsty. Therefore, you must always make sure that the soil is moist.



One Redditor aptly said, “First it’s pearls, then it’s just a string.” They are already short-lived succulents with delicate leaves. People must try many times before they can keep a plant alive.


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