Common Q&A’s: Grow Microgreens Like a Pro




You might be having some trouble growing your microgreens- or just want to know more so you don’t mess anything up. Here are ten of the most common microgreen questions and the solutions.

What If My Microgreens Become Limp After Harvesting?

Microgreens must be handled carefully after harvesting due to their delicate nature. Never leave your harvested greens out in the open for an extended period of time, especially in the summer.


What If the Leaves of My Greens Look  Burnt?

The sun’s intensity can occasionally cause the leaves to burn. This permanent damage weakens the integrity of the greens.


What If My Microgreens Are Yellowing and  Stunted?

When nutrients are not provided in sufficient amounts, greens become stunted. The type of soil is the first consideration while growing them in soil.


What If My Microgreens Are Getting Tall and Weedy?

Light is always the key factor when your greens start to get weedy. You can tell the difference between tall, spindly greens grabbing for any available light and healthy, sturdy greens that receive appropriate light.


What If My Tray of Soil Gets a Crack in It?

When trays are moved, you can find that your soil moves. Therefore, deep crevasses could develop if the trays aren’t carried with support.


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