Best Plants To Survive and Thrive in the Barracks




Recently a marine took to Reddit with an interesting question, “Any devil dogs here that have experience owning a couple of plants in the barracks? 

Something low maintenance preferably.” Here are the top-voted plants for thriving in the barracks.


Cacti are great barracks plants because they are low-maintenance. They don’t require water often and only need a little sunlight. One user even mentioned, “A cactus will remind you of your chain of command- sturdy, prickly, and always around.”



Several marines agreed that a Pothos plant is perfect for barrack living. One shared some “free advice,” wait until the top inch or so of soil is dry to water them. Then, you can check with your finger.


Rock Succulents

According to many, rock succulents require minimal care. They only require occasional watering. They are small and easy to transport. Rock Succulents are aesthetically pleasing and simple to maintain, even with a barracks lifestyle.


Chinese Evergreen

One marine explained that the Chinese Evergreen is suited to low light conditions. They also only require watering sparingly. They can last as long as two weeks with no interaction whatsoever. They are aesthetically pleasing and hardy to most conditions.


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