Beautiful Houseplants That Remove Dust & Reduce Cleaning




Did you know that you can reduce dust and keep cleaning to a minimum with select house plants? It’s true, and it’s beautiful. Here are ten great houseplants that remove dust and help reduce cleaning.

The Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is a great choice when looking for a plant to keep your home clean. Not only do these large leaves absorb all of the pollutants in your home air, but the wax-like surface allows dust particles to become trapped, keeping them from spreading and accumulating around your house.


All Types of Ivy

Ivy is an excellent choice for keeping a clean household. All types of ivy can effectively purify the air from unseen toxins, such as octane and benzene. They also trap dust in the crowded foliage draping down.


The Pygmy Date  Palm

The Pygmy Date Palm is a gorgeous addition to any household. This palm, in particular, is a highly effective air purifier. This plant can absorb harmful toxins like formaldehyde and xylene, which can make you sick if exposed to them for an extended period.


The Peace Lilly

Peace lilies are so powerful in their air purification that they can even absorb microscopic mold spores in the air and all the harmful pollutants like benzene and toluene.



Bamboo is an excellent choice for your household. It is aesthetically pleasing and a large decorative piece, but it also reduces most dust from a fifty-square-foot area with two planted.


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