oxygenating plants in a pond

Oxygenating Pond Plants: Top Picks for Small & Large Ponds

No one likes a stagnant, smelly pond. Whether you’re sprucing up your koi pond or maintaining the summer’s favorite swimming hole, oxygenating pond plants can improve your water’s overall health and appearance.  Read on to find out how. Plus, check out a few recommendations for which oxygenating plants are best for your pond.  What Are … Read more

japanese koi pond with plants

Koi Pond Guide: Ideas & Tips for Building Your Dream Pond

A koi pond can be an excellent addition to any landscape. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting back, listening to the bubbling water, and watching your koi fish gracefully swim along. This guide will help give you the knowledge needed to create and maintain your own pond. But, first, let’s give you some ideas … Read more