bunch of pothos plants in aquarium

Will Pothos Plants Destroy My Aquarium? (Answer + Pros & Cons)

Pothos is a popular houseplant that thrives in aquariums.  But a few years ago, the plant gained notoriety for “destroying” a woman’s aquarium. Soon after the woman introduced pothos, the prolific plant seemingly removed the aquarium’s decorative brush algae.  Naturally, some hobbyists are concerned that pothos plants could harm their aquariums.  This article will discuss those concerns, … Read more

eating koi fish on a plate with koi in background

Can You Eat Koi Fish?

If you’re wondering, “can you eat koi fish” this article is for you. First, you’ll learn about the history of koi and then if it is good or bad to eat them. Yes, you can indeed eat them, but they are bony and don’t have as many nutrients as fish like salmon and have more … Read more

koi fish with whiskers

All About Koi Fish Whiskers

This article will teach you about koi fish whiskers. Although, if we get technical their whiskers are actually called “maxillary barbels”. Most people think of catfish when they think of whiskers (PDF), but there are other fish species that have whiskers such as Sturgeon, Hagfish, Zebrafish, and more. You’ll be surprised to learn that like … Read more