Watch How These Girls Transformed an Abandoned Room Into a Jaw-Dropping Sunroom

Planning to transform your old and abandoned room into a refreshing and stunning space but unsure where to begin? Well, this inspiring video is for you!

Watch how a group of girls brought their dream sunroom to life. Tune in to witness their transformation process!

How These Girls Created an Enchanting Sunroom From Scratch

Have you envisioned your ideal room? Can you imagine the perfect walls, the excellent floor color, and the captivating designs?

Consider your style and preferences, as they will shape the overall result and ensure your satisfaction.

If you’re planning a complete makeover, it’s advisable to start with the walls. 

Old walls tend to become brittle over time, so it’s crucial to ensure they’re sturdy and reliable. 

Start by removing the existing wall materials and replacing them with new ones that complement your style. 

If you desire a warm and cozy atmosphere, consider choosing wooden walls, just like what our girls did.

Also, they decided to integrate white pebbles to create a distinctive feature on one side of the wall. It is truly remarkable to see pebbles being used as a unique wall material.

Moving on to the floor, it’s essential to thoroughly clean before starting the makeover. Don’t forget to wear a mask to protect yourself from inhaling dust particles.

After thoroughly cleaning the floor, unleash your creativity by painting the wooden floors. 

Surprisingly, our girls opted for a light gray shade, and the results were absolutely stunning. 

Who would have thought that painting wood in light gray could be such a game-changer?

For a fast and efficient application of paint to your floor, it is recommended to use a long paint roller.

And if you plan to incorporate intricate designs on your floors, precise measurements are essential. 

Similar to the approach taken by the girls, who opted for a continuous white diamond-shaped pattern, accuracy is crucial to achieving a visually pleasing result.

The final result of this transformative journey was truly remarkable!

By selecting furniture thoughtfully, the sunroom emanated a cozy ambiance with a hint of bohemian style. 

This incredible room transformation received overwhelming love and appreciation from people.

One stunned woman commented, “Wow!!! Amazing upgrade and transformation!! Nicely done!”

An appreciative follower stated, “Instead of waiting for things to happen, we make it happen. Congrats, ladies! It looks beautiful.”

An impressed DIY enthusiast remarked, “Love that ceiling! The rock walls, the floors! Omg everything!!!”

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Sunroom Wonders: Step Inside and Experience the Remarkable Journey Of These Girls’ Dream Transformation


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It is astonishing how a touch of creativity and commitment can completely rejuvenate a space. Now, armed with inspiration from these girls, it’s your turn to bring your dream sunroom to life.

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