Can Crystal Reveal If Your Plants are Healthy? This Duo Put It to the Test

Dive into the extraordinary world of plant care with a game-changing gardening hack that has been surging in popularity. A woman and her grandpa share the unconventional technique, ‘dowsing’, which uses a simple pendulum to reveal your plant’s health.

Watch as they put this intriguing method to the test and stir up a lively debate among gardening enthusiasts, skeptics, and those captivated by the power of nature’s energy. Can a crystal on a chain really tell if your plant is thriving or not?

Image Credit: TikTok @kia_urbangardener.

Woman & Grandpa Try “Dowsing”

This technique, developed by Esther Dean, a renowned Australian author of gardening books, allows you to assess the condition of your plants. 

By hanging a pendulum above the plants, you can observe their movement to gain insights into their health. The typical pendulum is made of a crystal suspended from a single chain.

Here’s how it works: If the pendulum swings in a circular motion, it indicates that the plant is thriving. However, if the pendulum remains still, it suggests that the plant is not doing well.

So, this woman and her grandpa decided to try this hack, and the results aligned perfectly with the theory.

Many Individuals Agreed To This Method

“All plants emit a lot of energy when they are healthy. So yes, this would work! Nature is amazing,” a gardening enthusiast remarked.

“Dowsing works, I’ve also saw my dad use the same method using two willow branches to locate an underground spring,’ one experienced woman commented.

“This is right down my alley! Thankyou, will try it. Everything is energy,” an impressed follower stated.

However, Not Everyone Was Easily Convinced by the Pendulum

“Can def see the geez@r moving his hand,” a skeptical onlooker commented.

“No hack, his moving his hand,” one unconvinced TikTok user stated.

“Try to hang it over the plant using tripod, not hand. In a place with no wind,” one doubtful woman even suggested.

Can You Use a Pendulum For Other Purposes?

Some comments say that you can actually utilize pendulums for a wide range of purposes. 

One onlooker commented, “It’s a pendulum. You can use this for any decisions in life!”

One follower jokingly said, “that is how you can tell if you are going to have a boy or girls or twins lol”

You can also use a pendulum to determine the gender of seeds and what soil will produce the best plants.

Esther Dean even used this pendulum to test if the food was good before buying them. It’s fascinating to think that a simple pendulum can have diverse uses, right?

Revolutionary Plant Health Gauge

The TikTok video showcasing this trick has received significant attention, amassing 220,000 views. A large number of people are genuinely interested in exploring this technique.

Take a look at this video below:

@kia_urbangardener 😮 have you ever heard of this mind blowing gardening hack? I was reading about a famous Austrian gardener called Esther Dean (worth looking up), and she used the technique called Dowsing to identify which seeds were the healthiest to plant. Watch what happened! What do you guys think about this? #mindblowinghacks #mindblowing #fyp #gardeninghacks #gardeningtips #gardeningtiktok #dowsing #dowsingrods #gardeningtip #gardeningtiktok #gardeninghacks101 #gardeningideas ♬ Little Things – Tiqta

The pendulum method of dowsing offers a unique and intriguing approach to assessing plant health. Still, it’s essential to approach it with an open mind and consider various perspectives. 

If you are curious, give this a try to witness the outcomes for yourself.

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