This Viral Video Holds the Key to Snow-Free Stairs

Tired of waking up to the daunting task of shoveling snow from your stairs every winter morning? 

Prepare to witness the brilliant hack shared by a TikTok user. And get ready to revolutionize how you deal with snow-covered stairs!

Image Credit: TikTok @peterjlouden.

Snow-Free Stairs at the Snap Of Your Fingers: the Incredible Trick You Need To See

Winter poses numerous challenges, and dealing with piles of snow blocking your path is one of them. But fear not because we have the ultimate solution for you. 

The concept is simple yet incredibly effective. Our man stumbled upon a brilliant idea involving using a long fabric to cover the entire staircase. In this case, our man chose a sturdy plastic material.

With a simple pull, the plastic glides effortlessly down the stairs, taking the snow with it.

And just like that, a new path free from snow is unveiled before your eyes. It’s no wonder that this video has garnered a staggering 3.9 million views and counting. 

The Hack Received Praise & Criticism

People were amazed by how such a simple idea could make a significant difference in their daily lives during the winter season.

“Now this is a life hack!! awesome sir!!” an impressed follower commented.

“10 out of 10 satisfaction.” one satisfied onlooker stated.

“Now that’s ingenuity right there,” a stunned TikTok user remarked.

Others shared some entertaining comments.

“Amazing, though I’d forget the tarp was there and slip right down the stairs,” one comic fan expressed.

“Ooooo! Now do the whole driveway! Lol,” a quick-witted viewer remarked.

“Husband of the year lol,” a funny follower stated.

Some people expressed disappointment at learning this late.

“Why have I never done this?” one upset TikTok user asked.

“GENIUS!!!!!!! Why didn’t I or my family ever think of that!!!!” another user wondered.

People also shared their strategies for dealing with snow.

“That also works on cars, no more scraping windshields. Stay safe,” one onlooker stated.

“I didn’t have a cover for my windshield so I used a flat sheet across my window. I felt so powerful taking it off while everyone else was scraping theirs,” a clever driver commented.

Skeptical Individuals Also Shared Their Thoughts

“That only works if there isn’t wind. Here that tarp would have been in the next town over stuck in a tree,” One doubtful woman expressed.

“You can just weigh it down with bricks or something similar on the corners, remove them before sliding,” a follower responded.

The Genius Trick That Makes Shoveling a Thing Of the Past


Wow…my husband is not a moron

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Thanks to this incredible hack, you can now save time and energy while ensuring a safe and hassle-free path.

Get ready to enjoy the comfort of a snow-free staircase!

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