heat pump system on side of house

What Is a Heat Pump & How Does It Work? (Explained)

Imagine if you could magically move heat from one place to another, like a genie in a bottle granting your thermal wishes. Well, that’s basically what heat pumps do – they pump heat!  By manipulating the refrigerant temperature within a closed loop, heat pumps can collect ambient heat from the air and concentrate it. It’s … Read more

woman and child on a homestead

Top 11 Best States for Homesteading According to the Internet

Are you a homesteader searching for the best place to live within the United States for ideal homesteading conditions? Then, we got you covered. After a homesteading couple asked Reddit for the best places to relocate, here are the top-voted responses.  1. New Hampshire New Hampshire is one of the cheapest options. You can get … Read more

couple enjoying recycling in home.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Since 1970, when the National Environmental Policy Act became law, the U.S. federal government has been required to consider the impact of its actions on the environment. With the enactment of this policy, a commitment was made to sustainability. Change starts at home; and as the reality of climate change and its causes comes into … Read more