She Achieved Privacy & Banished Clutter: Here’s Her Secret

Glass doors have become a popular feature in modern homes, whether it’s the main entrance or the interior rooms. However, a common problem with glass doors is that everything behind them is visible, including clutter and untidiness.

It can be quite unappealing and embarrassing to display your disorganized items and trash for everyone to see. But what if there was a brilliant solution to conceal all that clutter?

Meet @blesserhouse, a woman who discovered a clever trick for hiding clutter in her house.

Her incredible video has captured the attention of over 100k viewers and continues to gain traction, with an increasing number of comments pouring in from her followers who are eager to acquire this game-changing trick. The influence of this simple yet fantastic solution is truly astounding.

A Woman’s Trick To Privacy and Clutter-Free Living

Lauren revealed her key secret to concealing the mess behind a glass door. And guess what? It’s as simple as using a film! Yes, you heard me right.

You won’t believe how effective this solution is, despite its simplicity. It’s like waving a magic wand and watching all your clutter worries disappear. 

With just a handful of simple steps, say goodbye to the stress of having your untidy secrets on display for all to see.

Frozen Window Film

She first tried using frozen window film, which she applied to one of her main doors. To ensure a perfect fit, Lauren made precise cuts in the film according to the glass size.

Getting the dimensions right is crucial, as an undersized film would look unsightly and still expose parts of the glass.

The installation involved applying a generous amount of water to the glass surface before carefully placing the film. She then smoothed out the film using a scraper, eliminating air bubbles.

The result was remarkable – the film obscured the view from the outside, giving the glass door a foggy appearance. This not only provided privacy but also created a soft, diffused lighting effect, reducing harsh shadows.

Additionally, the frosted design of the film added an elegant touch to the glass, enhancing the room’s overall aesthetics.

Image Credit: TikTok @blesserhouse.

Reeded Glass Window Film

Next on her list of ingenious solutions was the reeded glass window film. She decided to apply this particular film to one of the cabinets in her kitchen, and it was a stroke of brilliance!

What’s truly remarkable is that while it conceals the contents behind the glass, it also allows you to catch glimpses of the shapes inside, making it a perfect fit for kitchen cabinets.

This type of film features parallel grooves running vertically, adding an element of elegance to any room.

Antique Mirror Film

She also ventured into the realm of antique mirror film, which she expertly placed on one of the large doors inside her house. This film boasts intricate patterns of discoloration, giving the glass a mesmerizing vintage allure.

It was the perfect choice for her white-painted door, instantly transforming its look and adding a touch of old-world charm.

Users Expressing Admiration in the Comments

“This stuff is great and gives plenty privacy and still let’s in the light I’ve used upteen designs,” an amazed follower commented.

“Love that reeded glass film especially!” a stunned woman stated.

“Oh love the way this looks,” one appreciative viewer remarked.

Many viewers are not only impressed by how effective the trick is in hiding clutter, but they are also eager to know where they can get the necessary materials.

“Where can you find these?” one onlooker asked.

“You can’t just leave us without the links!!” an eager follower expressed.

“Where did you get the antique glass covers? Is that an Amazon find?” a curious DIY enthusiast asked.

“Please tell me where you got the mirror one please,” another interested viewer questioned.

“Where do you find the striped one?” one woman inquired.

The Woman’s Privacy Power Move: Hiding Clutter With Elegance

Lauren’s secret weapon of using films to hide clutter behind a glass door is a game-changer for anyone seeking a practical and aesthetic solution.

Each film she strategically applies goes beyond just concealing clutter; it’s about enhancing privacy, transforming living spaces, and providing a newfound sense of calm.

It’s no wonder that her followers are in awe of her creative solutions and are eagerly seeking ways to replicate her success in their own homes.

So, if you’re tired of that glass door revealing your cluttered secrets to the world, try transforming your glass doors into stylish and clutter-free focal points of your living spaces.

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