cantilever roof overhang by frank lloyd wright

Cantilever Roof Overhangs

A cantilever roof overhang is a structural feature that projects from the side of a building. It differs from a regular roof overhang because the overhang is built into the structure’s design rather than just a part of the roof truss. The style is popular among residential buildings and was pioneered by the architect Frank … Read more

Roof Overhang Guide

A roof overhang is not just for looks. Properly designed overhangs will shade windows in the summer, allow the sun in during the winter, and keep the rain away from the building. And when you can keep rain from entering doors, windows, siding, and foundations the less chance of moisture problems. Can you imagine standing … Read more

Steam Bent Cedar Shingles

Roofs are one of the most critical components in a home- and shingles play a large part.  Preferably, you want a durable natural material that will last a long time.  That is where steam bent cedar shingles come in. Steam bent shingles are unique and have a hand-crafted feel to them. They often feature curved … Read more

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