closeup of dying pothos plant

Pothos Dying? Reasons Why + How to Revive & Save Your Plant

If you are a beginner houseplant parent, pothos is an excellent choice. Also known as devil’s ivy, pothos is an attractive and prolific vining plant. Best of all, pothos plants are difficult – though not impossible – to kill.  With proper care, pothos plants can live up to ten years indoors. But maybe you struggle … Read more

showing a rootbound pothos plant

RootBound Pothos: 5 Major Signs & How to Fix + Prevent

Rootbound is a common issue affecting many plants, including Pothos. When a plant becomes root bound, its roots have outgrown their pot and tangled together, preventing them from accessing water and nutrients efficiently. This can cause stunted growth or even death in severe cases. Fortunately, it’s possible to save rootbound Pothos by pruning their roots … Read more

pothos living wall with water on leaves

Why Is Your Pothos Dripping Water? 3 Reasons & What To Do 

Nowadays, it is hard to find a houseplant collector that does not own a Pothos, otherwise known as ‘Devil’s Ivy.’ Many people love these indoor plants because they are low maintenance, grow rapidly, and look good just about anywhere. If you own a Pothos, chances are you’ve little drops of water on the floor beneath … Read more

pothos flower bloom

Do Pothos Flower? How These Plants Mysteriously Bloom

Note: Featured image is not a pothos flower. It is an Orchid. Why? We’ll explain below. Pothos, or Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum), are highly popular house plants that enhance homes and offices. Their long stems with glossy, often variegated leaves with yellow, cream, or white spill over the edges of pots or climb up moss … Read more

dead and alive houseplants

Even the Blackest of Thumbs Can Care for These 10 Houseplants

If your friends have called you a “fake plant mom” one too many times for having artificial plants versus live ones, look no further for a solution. Even if you think making eye contact with your plants from across the room causes them to die, these 10 are idiot and laser-eye-proof. 1. Money Tree Money … Read more

showing plant growth with pothos fertilizer

Pothos Fertilizer: Best Way to Turn Your Plant Into a Beauty

Pothos, or Devil’s Ivy, is a low-maintenance, fast-growing tropical vine. Like all plants, it uses photosynthesis to create its own ‘food’. But as it grows, it will also need some fertilizer to support its vigorous growth. Fertilizing your pothos once a month with a balanced fertilizer is enough to help them grow faster and stay … Read more

houseplant myths

12 Houseplant Myths BUSTED: Don’t Make These Rookie Mistakes

Are you a plant parent looking to give your beloved indoor plants the best care possible? Or are you a new plant enthusiast looking to start your own collection?  It can be tough to navigate the houseplants’ world when so many myths and misconceptions floating around. From the belief that misting your plants increases humidity … Read more

snow queen vs marble queen pothos plants

Snow Queen vs Marble Queen Pothos (Plant Breakdown by a Pro)

Marble Queen and Snow Queen are both beautiful, highly variegated cultivars of Pothos or Devil’s Ivy. They are so similar that many have asked about the differences or whether they are even the same plant.  The answer is that they are indeed two different Pothos cultivars – Epipremnum aureum’ Marble Queen’, and Epipremnum aureum’ Snow … Read more

Store-Bought Rose Begins to Shockingly Grow Instead of Die

After bringing home a cut rose from the store, it miraculously started growing new shoots. It was refusing to die. So a Reddit user posted the thread: “I bought a cut rose a few weeks ago and it started to grow instead die.” to figure out what was happening.  Store Bought Roses Can Come Back … Read more

pothos houseplant and cat

10 Beautiful Household Plants That Are Toxic for Cats

Cats chewing on and eating plants is a natural behavior from the grass outside to your household plant life. It’s instinctual. So it’s imperative to know which houseplants are safe and which are toxic.  Toxicity can manifest as stomach issues such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. But can also cause fatal poisoning of your cat. … Read more