Malva neglecta plant

The Overlooked Edible – Bringing Mallow from Garden to Table

Mallow is a wild edible highly esteemed for its various food uses, and chances are, it’s already growing in your backyard. This hollyhock relative is widespread across the United States and is a wonderful edible plant to become acquainted with.  While there are several mallow plants, this article specifically covers Malva neglecta, which is commonly … Read more

Carolina horsenettle versus black nightshade

Carolina Horsenettle vs Black Nightshade Plant Guide

Imagine walking through a field and stumbling upon two plants that look like they could be siblings, yet one is decked out with tiny, menacing spikes and the other is as smooth as the day is long. This is the case with Carolina Horsenettle and Black Nightshade, two plants from the same botanical family that … Read more

malva plant rust

13 Common Mallow Plant Diseases to Avoid & Solutions

In the world of gardening, the mallow plant (Malvaceae) stands out for its beauty, but beneath its charming exterior lies a battleground for survival. These plants are under constant siege by an array of diseases that can turn a lush garden into a floral infirmary overnight. As gardeners, it’s our mission to detect and defend … Read more

Spilanthes oleracea herb plant upclose

Spilanthes: The Herb for Natural Oral Health & More

Peculiar and other-worldly, Spilanthes delights the senses. As a flower, you probably assume it possesses a captivating scent, but that’s not where its uniqueness lies. The flower itself is certainly uncommon, which adds to its intrigue. But the taste – more like the incredible mouth sensation it produces upon only the tiniest nibble- sets this … Read more

purple dead nettle plants

Purple Dead Nettle: The Wild Food In Your Backyard

It’s amazing how many wild and free foods are available to us. You may be surprised to hear that many of the scornful weeds you have growing in your backyard are edible and medicinal. That’s right; with a keen eye and plant identification knowledge in your tool belt, you can start foraging for food and medicine without … Read more

contribo herb flowering

The Compelling Truth About The Traditional Contribo Herb

A well-loved tropical vine, known as contribo herb, is highly regarded for its various medicinal purposes. Across Central and South America, this unique plant has been used for centuries to treat a variety of health conditions and is still used in a similar fashion today.  While many locals will praise this natural healer and online … Read more

Chamomile Plants

10 Best Chamomile Companion Plants & 3 You Should Avoid

Chamomile is well known for its pleasant and comforting taste as an herbal tea, but did you know it’s also an excellent addition to the garden?  Just imagine dainty white and yellow flowers swaying in the breeze, nuzzled between clambering cucumber vines and vibrant green lettuce heads. Not only do its lovely little flowers create … Read more

kalawalla herb

Nature’s Sunblock? Learn The Many Benefits of Kalawalla Herb

Ferns are one of nature’s treasures with their feathery leaves filling the understory of forests across North, Central, and South America. While ferns are a well-known plant, some ferns stand out amongst their relatives. This isn’t due to their appearance or stature; rather, it’s because of their incredible health benefits as medicinal herbs.  There are … Read more

bunches of green herbs

7 Popular Green Herbs: What They Are & How to Use Them

 Whether you’re researching a new smoothie recipe or wanting to try a new dish for dinner, you may come across the term “green herbs.” But what exactly are “green herbs,” and how are they any different from regular cooking spices?  We’ll uncover what green herbs are, the most common green herbs for cooking, and how … Read more