indoor houseplant by window

20 Starter Houseplants Anyone Can Keep Alive

Houseplants are a great way to bring greenery inside and uplift the mood of a home. Many people, however, hesitate to own plants due to the time and attention they require or the lack of ample sunlight in their homes. Contrary to popular assumptions, though, there are plenty of hardy plants that can thrive effortlessly inside, … Read more

monte casino aster flower

Monte Casino Flower: What Does It Symbolize + How to Grow

A relative of the common daisy, the Monte Casino flower is a popular sight in rustic gardens and cut flower arrangements. But did you know that this plant has deep roots in myth and folklore and that each flower color has a unique meaning? In this guide, we’ll explain what the Monte Casino flower symbolizes … Read more

groundhog hiding in garden

Do Groundhogs Eat Hydrangeas? [Solved]

Groundhogs are the bane of many gardeners. These mammals have a reputation for eating garden plants which can be frustrating for gardeners.  Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are rodents native to North America and Eastern America. Famous for their destructive nature, they can destroy a garden overnight. They eat various kinds of fruits, vegetables, and … Read more

kalanchoe blossfeldiana plant

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Plant: How to Grow & Care + Common Problems

Kalanchoe, usually called Flaming Katy, Panda Plant, Widow’s Thrill, or Florist Kalanchoe, is the most popular succulent household plant with long-lasting blooms. This succulent perennial was discovered in Madagascar by botanist Robert Blossfeld, hence scientifically called Kalanchoe blossfeldiana.  Popular as an upright household plant that grows to about 1.5 feet tall and wide. Grown for … Read more

white flowers spirea shrub

22 Beautiful White Flowering Shrubs for Any Garden

White-flowered shrubs can look elegant and gorgeous in pretty much any type of outdoor space, however large or small the area you’re dealing with. You can expect some of the prettiest, most romantic, and most stunning results when choosing white flowering shrubs to decorate your garden space. There are many white flower options to choose … Read more

How to Make Soil More Alkaline: 4 Steps

Alkaline soil refers to any soil with a pH level above 7. Making your soil more alkaline means raising your soil pH.  The pH level indicates the soil’s hydrogen ion concentration and affects how well plants can or cannot absorb necessary nutrients. The pH scale runs from 0 to 14, with seven being neutral. The … Read more

purple hydrangeas that has been fertilized

How to Fertilize Hydrangeas for the Best Blooms

Full blooming colorful hydrangeas are a sight to behold! Large blooms are rewarding, but gardeners often struggle to get hydrangeas to bloom every year. Although hydrangeas aren’t considered high maintenance plants and can thrive in many different climates, they do require some TLC. More importantly, gardeners must understand how to fertilize hydrangeas properly to achieve … Read more