No More Sanding! Paint Your IKEA Laminate Furniture With Ease Using This Hack

Planning to paint your shiny laminate furniture from IKEA? Go for it.

But guess what? You can achieve a stunning transformation without the hassle of sanding.

Prepare as we reveal the woman’s secret for successfully painting IKEA laminate furniture! 

How To Paint Ikea Laminate Furniture Like a Pro

Her secret to painting IKEA laminate furniture without sanding is none other than a Shellac-based primer.

This type of primer is often used on plastic and varnish surfaces.

When you open its can, you will first notice its dark brown color. It is crucial to thoroughly stir it before applying. 

Once properly stirred, the primer will transform into a white shade, and you can start priming.

Using a brush, apply the Shellac-based primer evenly on all surfaces of your laminate furniture, ensuring complete coverage.

After applying, it must be allowed to cure for 2 to 3 days before proceeding with the painting process. 

The comment section was filled with an abundance of positive feedback and impressions!

As one experienced woman said, “This stuff is MAGIC. Used it on kitchen cabinets, looks perfect 3 years in.”

A stunned follower stated, “Wow, really great idea.”

One curious onlooker asked, “What color is that? It’s beautiful!”

Painting Laminate Furniture: With Shellac or Without? Let’s Compare!

Our woman did a little experiment to compare the laminate piece that received the Shellac primer treatment and the one that didn’t. 

Thick or Thin Layer

Applying the Shellac-based primer on a laminate piece creates a thin layer. It is advantageous because it allows for fast drying, eliminating the need for extended waiting periods.


When you apply paint, the laminate piece containing Shellac-based primer has superior and darker coverage than the piece without Shellac base primer. The result enhances the overall elegance of the laminate piece.

In contrast, the piece without the Shellac primer has a blotchy and uneven appearance.


The paint on the Shellac-treated piece remains intact and resistant to scratching. However, the piece without the Shellac primer is much more susceptible to paint coming off, even with minor scratches.

Painting Ikea Laminate Furniture: the Secret Trick You Won’t Believe!

Try this ingenious trick shared by our TikTok enthusiast, @lifewithleeanne, for a remarkable transformation of your IKEA laminate furniture.


Shellac based primer is the key to painting shiny laminate (or cabinets, stairs, countertops, etc.)! #diytips #diyproject #ikeahack #paintingtips #fyp

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Utilizing the Shellac-based primer, you can achieve a smooth, beautifully painted finish without sanding. Give it a try and experience the incredible results firsthand!

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