Newfoundland Kicked Out of Puppy School for Sitting on Smaller Pups

Franklyn is a giant dog with a big personality to match. Standing six feet tall on his hind legs and weighing in at 126 lbs, this Newfoundland might seem intimidating, but he’s just a big old softie at heart. 

Despite his size, Franklyn sees himself as a lapdog and loves nothing more than cuddling up with his owners, even if it means squashing them in the process. 

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Kicked Out Of Puppy School

In fact, he was even kicked out of puppy school due to sitting on the smaller dogs during playtime. Franklyn’s owner, Shauna Connors, admits that she has had to make some adjustments to accommodate her giant pet’s love of cuddles, such as allowing him on the furniture, despite previously not allowing any of her other pets on it. 

Shauna said, “He has no idea how big he is. He thinks of himself as a small lap-dog. It’s hard to say no when he wants to cuddle. It’s difficult to stop him because there’s room for him to climb up there. I’m worried my sofa’s going to buckle, because he’s really heavy.”

Wreaking Havoc Around the House

Franklyn’s size also causes some issues around the house. He’s been known to smash glasses and push furniture out of the way in search of toys or food scraps. Shauna said, “Sometimes he’ll come through the room and push things out of the way like they’re nothing. If there’s a crumb of food or a toy behind an object, like the sofa or the coffee table, it’s getting moved.” 

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Doesn’T Play Well With Others

On walks, he likes to play with smaller dogs, but his size means that he sometimes ends up knocking them over. Shauna admits that the family’s reflexes have had to improve to save things from getting knocked over by Franklyn’s fluffy tail. 

She said, “Even taking him on walks in the neighbourhood he wants to play with small dogs but he’s too big for them and they’d go flying. He’d squash them…He is a bull in a china shop. He doesn’t mean to be destructive, but he’s so big, and his tail is so fluffy, we can’t keep anything on the coffee table because they tend to go flying.”

Despite these challenges, Shauna says that Franklyn is the perfect mix of brawn and cuteness. She said, “We knew what we were signing up for, but you think you’re prepared and your house is puppy-proofed, but you forget he’s going to be so tall and do whatever he wants… He’s too big to fit underneath the dining room table to look for scraps, but it doesn’t stop him trying. 

“The table shakes and everyone has to grab their plates…When the kids come home he’ll come running towards them, and sometimes he’ll knock them over…He prefers to lie on the floor, but if someone’s on a sofa, and he wants to cuddle, he’s going to cuddle and you have no say.” 

The Connors family desired a Newfoundland as they thought he’d be compatible with their taller family, all standing at around 5 ft 10 inches. Shauna claims he’s the perfect combination of strength and adorableness, and we agree with her assessment.

Tik Tok Channel

You can view all of Franklyn’s videos on Tik Tok here:

There is a video of Franklyn squishing his way onto the couch that has over 30M views.

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Note: Featured image not actually Franklyn.

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