bushes of rhododendron in a shade garden

Low-Maintenance Shade Plants: Shrubs & Perennials

Part of the fun of gardening is deciding what to plant and where to plant it. However, there are various considerations to consider while designing your dream garden space, such as how much space each plant needs, the soil, watering and feeding requirements of each, and, of course, whether they prefer sun, shade or part-shade. … Read more

mulberry tree with ripe berries

Mulberry Tree: Growing, Tips & Some Surprising Facts

Mulberries are one of the easiest trees you can grow. Whether you’re looking for something that packs ornamental value, hoping to attract wild birds, or planning to grow a reliable fruit tree that produces an abundant crop year after year, these underrated trees will quickly earn a well-deserved spot in your garden.  But beware: not … Read more

drought tolerant plants in rock garden

Drought-Tolerant Plants For Every Landscape & Plant Type

Drought sounds like a gardener’s worst nightmare. But despite the common association of gardening with watering cans or hoses, many plants can tolerate periods of drought once they are established.  So many that it would be impossible to survey them all here. Instead, we’ll go over a few of our favorite drought-tolerant plants. Plus, we’ll … Read more

pea gravel patio

In-Depth Guide: Pea Gravel Patio Pros & Cons

Pea gravel patios have become famous thanks to low maintenance, affordability, and easy installation. You are adding to the aesthetic design and function of the home. So, if you’re looking to give your outdoor space a makeover, you should consider one. But is this a good choice for your home? Why should you prefer it … Read more

white clover lawn

Clover Lawns: 12 Reasons Why & Best Varieties

Looking for an alternative to frequent watering, fertilizing, and weekly mowing? Clover lawns are the answer. Many people think clover is a weed that should be banished. Although, a clover lawn could be one of the best things you can do for your landscape.   Let’s discuss how this perception of clover came to be, why … Read more

white flowers spirea shrub

22 Beautiful White Flowering Shrubs for Any Garden

White-flowered shrubs can look elegant and gorgeous in pretty much any type of outdoor space, however large or small the area you’re dealing with. You can expect some of the prettiest, most romantic, and most stunning results when choosing white flowering shrubs to decorate your garden space. There are many white flower options to choose … Read more

deer in a garden eating plants

How to Keep Deer Out of Garden: 11 Methods You Can Use

Deer eat vegetation, from shrubs to leaves and grass, and they will sometimes find their way to your gardens if they can’t find what they need elsewhere. If you have a garden, you should figure out how to keep deer away. Why? Nothing is more frustrating than putting all your effort into growing plants in … Read more

trees with white flowers

Trees With White Flowers: 23 Beautiful Choices

How does a gardener’s heart become captivated by trees with white flowers? A single tree with large blooms of white flowers is utterly magical in its ability to enhance an entire landscape. You may be surprised by the variety of options, whether you’re planning to add just one white flowering tree or several to your … Read more

plants that act as natural mosquito repellent

Mosquito Repellent Plants: 18 Plants (Annual & Perennial) & 2 Trees

Considering mosquitos are so tiny, they sure can make their unwelcome presence felt! However, once winter is over and rainy spring is giving way to the summer, it’s a treat to be able to enjoy the great outdoors again. However, if relaxing in the sunshine includes mosquito bites, that is sure to put a dampener … Read more

sunlight through pine trees

Do Pine Trees Attract Mosquitoes?  [Solved]

The pine tree’s beautiful, towering, sweet-smelling presence will benefit your garden. There are 115 species to choose from, and each one is as lovely as the rest. But is all that beauty and charm enough to plant this tree if it attracts mosquitoes? Do pine trees attract mosquitoes?  Pine trees attract mosquitoes, not because of … Read more