leveling a garden with a retaining wall

Garden Leveling: Leveling a Sloping Garden (Step-by-Step)

Do you have a sloping garden and don’t like it? It doesn’t have to remain that way; you can do something about it. Leveling a sloping garden may seem daunting, but it’s not that difficult. You can have the level garden of your dreams with some elbow grease or hire a professional. There are many … Read more

testing soil for plants

Matching Soil & Plants = Thriving Landscape

The soil is where plants are grown. It is made up of little fragments of rock broken off of mountains and other bigger rocks, together with a few pieces of extinct plant and animal life. Here, dissolved nutrients are absorbed by plant roots and transformed into the plant’s stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit.  The following … Read more

lawn with crabgrass

Killing Crabgrass With Baking Soda (Explained + Precautions)

During growing seasons, gardeners go through the hassle of dealing with stubborn and rapidly growing weeds, including crabgrass. Weeds are the bane of most gardeners because getting rid of them takes time and effort. While regular weeding may reduce the weed population, crabgrass is a stubborn lot. Because weed killers have many harmful effects, people … Read more

landscape designer or architect making a plan

Landscape Designer vs. Landscape Architect (Differences + Which One Should You Hire?)

From pristine lawns and manicured topiary to lush cottage-style gardens and drought-resistant xeriscape gardens, any property can benefit from landscaping. Whether you’re planning the design and layout of a new garden or looking to renovate or improve existing features, hiring a professional will be of immense help. This is where landscape architects and landscape designers … Read more

crabgrass growing next to sidewalk

How To Get Rid of Crabgrass (or Not?) We’ll Help You Decide

Crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis) is an annual plant that grows in moist soil. It spreads quickly and can grow up to around two feet tall¹. It’s not an actual grass but instead belongs to the family Chenopodiaceae². It often gets confused with a cool-season perennial called quackgrass. It grows best in warm weather- and can cause … Read more

Front yard displaying foundation plants in landscaping

Low-Maintenance Foundation Plants (15 Ideas + Planting Plan)

Let’s face it; your home would look stark without foundation plants. As a homeowner, you should consider planning and prioritizing landscaping- which encompasses the construction of structures, hardscaping, foundation plantings, plant installation, etc.  Foundation plantings are considered the bedrock of every landscaped property, transforming the front yard and entryway into a dynamic garden space. These … Read more

bushes of rhododendron in a shade garden

Low-Maintenance Shade Plants: Shrubs & Perennials

Part of the fun of gardening is deciding what to plant and where to plant it. However, there are various considerations to consider while designing your dream garden space, such as how much space each plant needs, the soil, watering and feeding requirements of each, and, of course, whether they prefer sun, shade or part-shade. … Read more

mulberry tree with ripe berries

Mulberry Tree: Growing, Tips & Some Surprising Facts

Mulberries are one of the easiest trees you can grow. Whether you’re looking for something that packs ornamental value, hoping to attract wild birds, or planning to grow a reliable fruit tree that produces an abundant crop year after year, these underrated trees will quickly earn a well-deserved spot in your garden.  But beware: not … Read more

drought tolerant plants in rock garden

Drought-Tolerant Plants For Every Landscape & Plant Type

Drought sounds like a gardener’s worst nightmare. But despite the common association of gardening with watering cans or hoses, many plants can tolerate periods of drought once they are established.  So many that it would be impossible to survey them all here. Instead, we’ll go over a few of our favorite drought-tolerant plants. Plus, we’ll … Read more