wondering how to get rid of an old lawn mower that has been abandoned

Out With the Old: How to Get Rid of an Old Lawn Mower

Old lawn mowers are much like the eccentric relatives who overstay their welcome, taking up valuable space in your garage or yard and becoming an eyesore.  As a homeowner with an eye for practicality and aesthetics, you deserve a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution to bid farewell these outdated contraptions. So allow me to present a … Read more

lawn mower blades, wondering if need to sharpen new blades

Do New Lawn Mower Blades Need Sharpening? [Solved]

As a new lawn mower owner, you may wonder whether your mower’s blades need sharpening before use. We have you covered. We’ll explore whether new lawn mower blades require immediate sharpening, the importance of maintaining sharp blades, and tips for keeping them that way for optimal lawn care.  We’ll also discuss the signs that your … Read more

bermuda grass vs crabgrass

Bermuda Grass vs Crabgrass: Full Comparison & Key Differences

The grass is always greener on the other side. But when it comes to comparing certain grass varieties, some are more welcome than others.  Bermuda grass and crabgrass share many similarities, particularly regarding appearance and growth habits. Yet most landscapers welcome Bermuda grass while shunning crabgrass as a weed.  Before you start that lawn mower, … Read more

woman watering garden plants.

13 Best Border Plants For Edging

Border plants are a great way to complete a garden’s design, whether edging a walkway or finishing a flower bed. We’ll share 13 beautiful border plants that need little care but are still low-maintenance. The plants can significantly enhance any outdoor area. In addition, some come with additional benefits that will increase the value of … Read more

farmer burning leaves in yard

Burning Leaves: Experts Warn Against & Offer Suggestions

It’s time to finish cleaning up the fall leaves before we get into the depths of winter. But don’t make the mistake of using the old-fashioned method of burning leaves.  Many states and cities have laws against leaf burning, although some don’t. And homeowners don’t realize the negative impacts it has.  We reached out to … Read more

small holes in lawn overnight by chipmunks

Small Holes in Lawn Overnight? (Here’s Why + Solution)

After spending time and effort maintaining a lush green lawn, small holes should be the least of your worries. But unfortunately, small holes in a lawn are inevitable. These holes result from the activities of tiny critters and other animals. It can be pretty frustrating to see these holes when you wake up, and it’s … Read more