woman with herbs grown in the kitchen.

4 Best Herbs to Grow in the Kitchen + Storing & Drying

The center of the home is the kitchen. It is a place where people congregate, cook, and feed one another. It’s also one of the most suitable places to keep plants because there’s less worry about water damage or messes, thanks to wipeable countertops and sweepable floors. And there’s always a water source available (you … Read more

man made lemons completed by scientist

Are Lemons Man Made? Created in a Lab, or Natural? (Explained)

Did life give us lemons? Or did we make them ourselves? The citrus family has an elaborate taxonomy, much of which precedes historical documentation.  So it’s difficult to say when, where, or how the first lemon trees appeared. Let’s look at the existing evidence and scientific speculation to determine if lemons are man-made.  Short Answer: … Read more

microgreens and seed packet

10 Common Q&A’s: Grow Microgreens Like a Pro

You might be having some trouble growing your microgreens- or just want to know more so you don’t mess anything up. Here are ten of the most common microgreen questions and the solutions. 1.) What If My Microgreens Become Limp After Harvesting? Microgreens must be handled carefully after harvesting due to their delicate nature. Never … Read more

materials for growing microgreens

What Do You Need to Grow Microgreens? (11 Essential Items)

Wondering, “what do I need to grow microgreens?” growing microgreens requires only a small number of supplies. Some of these items may already be in your home, while others will require a small investment.  This article will cover 11 items you’ll need, along with tips for each. 1.) Shallow Growing Trays Shallow containers are used … Read more

sprouts with a wood background

Sprouts vs. Microgreens / Baby Greens (Differences + Nutrition)

The demand for fresh, organic, and locally sourced food has increased during the past 20 years. As a result, the modest farm has been revitalized, and people are once again appreciating fresh veggies. The growth of the broader movement toward clean, whole foods, the farmers market’s resurrection, and the CSA model’s introduction have all been … Read more

growing red cabbage microgreens

Growing Microgreens: Easy & Quick 10 Step How-to (Explained)

A straightforward ten-step process can be used to grow microgreens. You’ll find that it requires little effort, time, and knowledge. As you incorporate the growing of fresh, healthy greens into your life, you will quickly develop the necessary skills and efficiency. Get ready to start growing microgreens! Step 1.) Fill Your Growing Trays With Soil … Read more

zojila rohan dish rack drainer side

Zojila Rohan Dish Drainer Rack ~ Review

If you’re looking for a high-end, 100% stainless steel dish rack- then the Rohan dish drainer is for you. Despite the Rohan dish rack being out of stock for quite some time, we were finally able to purchase one. At the time of this writing, and just about all consumer products… prices are rising! It … Read more