Inspiring DIY 3-Tier Chandelier for Your Home – From Dollar Tree (Seriously)

Are you tired of the same old lights in your house and longing to transform your space into something lively and aesthetic? Well, we’ve got a perfect hack for you! 

Get ready to witness the man’s incredible creation of a stunning 3-tier chandelier using only Dollar Tree items. 

A Guide To Crafting a Jaw-Dropping 3-Tier Chandelier

Here’s how this man turned materials from Dollar Tree into an extravagant centerpiece that will elevate the mood of any room:

The Foundation

To create the foundation of this chandelier, our man came up with a clever solution: utilizing wreaths from Dollar Tree.

These wreaths serve as the connection points for the exterior materials of the chandelier, with one positioned at the top and another at the bottom.

This method ensures stability and enables effortless customization.

Choosing the Perfect Exterior Material

Our DIY enthusiast man opted to use poster boards as the external material for the chandelier. Poster boards are an excellent choice due to their thickness and stiffness. 

Before attaching them to the wreaths, make sure to have precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

Securing the Materials

Our creator wisely used hot glue as the adhesive to secure the poster board to the wreaths. This ensures a robust and long-lasting bond, keeping the chandelier securely in place.

Applying the hot glue carefully and evenly is essential to achieve a smooth and polished outcome.

Building the Second Tier

Continuing the construction process, the second tier also utilized poster boards as its exterior material. 

The poster board is attached to the bottom wreath of the first tier but positioned closer to the center. This arrangement produces a smaller circle as the chandelier forms, contributing to visual intrigue and depth.

Including a bottom wreath for the second tier is vital, as it will serve as the point of attachment for the third tier.

In our man’s case, he purchased a black wreath for the bottom part of the second tier. However, he cleverly painted it in a rust color to match the other wreaths to maintain visual consistency. 

This meticulous attention to detail guarantees a unified and visually appealing appearance, especially when the chandelier is illuminated indoors.

Completing the Trio: the Third Tier

The construction process for the third tier follows the same steps as the second tier. 

Attach the poster board to a smaller wire wreath and secure the entire third tier to the underside bottom wreath of the second tier.

Our man opted for reliable picture wires. This method provides stability and ensures that tiers have a secure connection between tiers.

A Touch Of Elegance

You may customize your chandelier according to your preference. 

Our DIY creator selected copper peel-and-stick tiles from Dollar Tree for his chandelier’s design, adding elegance and modern style.

The ease of using these tiles makes the process effortless, resulting in a breathtaking final piece. 

This Man’s Work Sparked a Wave Of Excitement Among Diy Enthusiasts

“Dude that’s awesome,” one appreciative follower stated.

“1000000/10 love this series,” a stunned crafter remarked.

“Yes! way better than the single tier. Great job as usual!” an impressed DIY commented.

Inspiring Diy Dollar Tree 3-Tier Chandelier For Your Home

Elevate your space and set the mood with @onthecheaptip’s DIY project that exudes modern style and elegance.

Now, it’s your turn to express your creativity and start this enchanting journey of creating a personalized chandelier for your home!

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