How This Woman Transformed Her Bathroom for Her In-Laws: Their Priceless Reaction Says It All

When your guests are coming over, you want to ensure the best for them, even if it means making changes to your home. 

One woman took this opportunity to transform her bathroom before her in-laws’ visit. Get ready to witness this amazing transformation.

Image Credit: TikTok @brismithbri.

Unbelievable Bathroom Transformation For in-Laws

To keep track of the tasks and work smoothly, it is crucial to create a list of all the things you need to do, and that’s precisely what our woman did.

Construction Phase

For the floorings, she used her good condition leftover tiles, which is a cost-effective move.

Once the floor is set, you can now install the walls. The 24×48 tile size selected by our woman resembles marble, giving the bathroom an elevated appearance.

To ensure a clean finish, make sure to cut the tiles to their proper lengths and incorporate tile edging along the sides to smooth out any rough edges that may occur during installation.

Installing baseboards after both walls and floor are done is important to hide any wall unevenness and protect the base from damage. 

To achieve a clean look, it is vital to caulk between the baseboard and the wall, as well as the baseboard and the floor. Make sure to place the painter’s tape to ensure precise caulking.

For the paint, our woman opted for gray paint color, giving the bathroom a fresh and sophisticated appearance. 

Final Touches

Our DIY enthusiast decided on a Roman pull-down shade with a blackout liner for the window, providing functionality and style, especially during hot days.

She also carefully added the fixtures to the shower, including the backplate and shower handle, selecting elegant gold options that perfectly complemented the stunning marble walls.

Additionally, she added moldings to enhance the room’s decor and cover any gaps between the walls. You may use a miter shear for easier cutting of the moldings. 

She then installed a hanging ceiling light, which added a modern vibe to the bathroom. And as the last touch, an artwork is added to complete the transformation. 

Image Credit: TikTok @brismithbri.

The Reaction From Her in-Laws Was Priceless—They Were Stunned

Her mother-in-law couldn’t stop saying “Oh My God” upon seeing the result. 

The remarkable transformation left them astonished, especially considering that they had seen the bathroom in its initial state with a hole. 

The fact that it turned out so remarkably well within just 9 days was truly unbelievable to them.

People Were Left in Awe by Her Creativity

“You did so so great!! Your in laws are so wonderful!!” one impressed woman remarked.

“Girl, i know we’re complete strangers but I am so proud of you,” a supportive stranger commented.

“finally 🥰 this looks so beautiful good job girl you did it,” an appreciative follower commented.

“What a great job,very impressive ,looks beautiful .First video I have seen.Don’t know you but proud of you.Love the in-laws,” a stunned onlooker expressed.

How One Woman Impressed Her in-Laws Beyond Words

The transformation garnered significant attention, with over 1.2 million views, capturing the interest and admiration of many. 

@brismithbri REVEAL DAY!!!!😄 I wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s watched these past 9 days and to everyone who’s supported me from the very beginning! You guys are the BEST! I’m so grateful to have such incredible in-laws who are so loving and kind. They deserve the absolute best, always, and I wanted to give them that. They’re always there for me and my fiance and I love them endlessly. Judy and Dave, you rock, and thank you for everything! Folks, this isnt the last of me! If you couldnt already tell, I’m a crazy person who loves doing this and I have so many more projects planned, so stay with me and let’s keep doing this thing together!!!! #diy #bathroom #bathroommakeover #fyp #countdown #reveal #beforeandafter #fy #transformation ♬ Epic Music(863502) – Draganov89

Upon seeing the final result, the in-laws’ priceless reaction spoke volumes about the remarkable outcome. With meticulous planning and resourcefulness, she managed to turn a lackluster space into a stunning one. 

Let this inspire you to create a beautiful, welcoming space for your loved ones.

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