Homemade Custom Privacy Glass Using a Common $3 Back-to-School Item

Are you looking for ways to increase privacy in your home when you have glass doors and windows? Well, we have the answer to this concern.

There’s a TikTok technique where a man used a common school supply item to achieve privacy in his home. Get ready to witness how it’s done.

How Elmer’s Glue Can Transform Your Glass Doors & Windows

It’s impressive how Elmer’s glue can be used to achieve privacy simply and quickly. 

Here’s how you can do it: take a roller brush and apply Elmer’s glue directly onto it. Make sure to use just enough glue to cover the glass. 

Then, glide the roller over the glass surface multiple times until you achieve the desired outcome.

Surprisingly, the result is a frosted glass effect. You can even get creative and use glue to design your windows, just like our man did. 

Is Moisture a Concern?

Some followers raised their concerns about potential moisture issues. People started discussing what would happen if the windows or doors covered in Elmer’s glue were exposed to moisture. 

One concerned TikTok user commented, “Avoid washing your windows, as it could wipe off the frosting.”

One onlooker chimed in, “Imagine the mess if there’s any moisture on the window.”

So, it’s essential to consider these concerns and be aware of how moisture could potentially affect the results of this. 

Elmer’s glue is one of the well-known adhesives, but it is not waterproof. 

The advantage is if you want to remove Elmer’s Glue from a surface, you can easily do so just by using a damp cloth.

There Is so Much More You Can Do With Elmer’s Glue

One DIY enthusiast suggests creating a mosaic for your windows by applying acrylic paint over Elmer’s Glue. You can easily find acrylic paints in various colors at Home Depot or Target, conveniently located near you.

One interested follower even stated, “I wanna see what it would look like with food coloring in it.”

Many Individuals Were Left Amazed by the Incredible Results

“That’s actually pretty cool Ngl,” an appreciative onlooker commented.

“That’s awesome! And it washes off when ever you want,” one impressed DIY aficionado remarked.

“EVERYONE IS SO CREATIVE,” a stunned TikTok user expressed.

However, Some Were Skeptical

“is it all sticky and covered in dust now?” one intrigued woman asked.

“what about the smell?” a curious follower questioned.

“It will be a problem in summer with the sun on the window,” one onlooker stated.

“waiting for the pet hair to stick to it,” one TikTok user commented.

The Magic Of Elmer’s Glue

With over 1.5 million likes and 56,000 shares, it’s undeniable that people are curious at this trick. Take a look at this video below:

@drewvphotography tiktoc made us do it. #tiktoc #fyp #elmersglue ♬ Diss – Official Sound Studio

This hack has served as an inspiration for individuals seeking to improve their living spaces, whether it be for privacy purposes or to explore creative options. 

So, if you’re interested, try this yourself and test it out.

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