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10 Surprising Renovations That Will Tank Your Home’s Value

Your home is an investment. One day, if you choose to sell it, you obviously want to sell it for as much as you can. It’s also safe to assume that if you plan to live in the house for a while, you’ll do at least a couple of renovations. There are, however, some renovations … Read more

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5 Home DIY Mistakes You Should Never Make

DIY projects are always fun, especially for new homeowners. However, it’s very important to do research before committing to home improvement projects. Oftentimes, they are more complicated than they seem, and without the correct protection and equipment, you may find yourself in over your head. 1. Only Applying One Coat of Paint There are certain … Read more

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7 Home Improvement Purchases That Are Life-changing

Are you searching for ways to improve the quality of life in your home? Something to make life a little easier, cleaner, or more comfortable? We’ve got you covered.  1. Whole House Humidity Control Humidity control is a life-changing home improvement that serves various functions. First, it helps alleviate the indoor drying that accompanies winter. … Read more

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New Tax Credits Available to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Is your home drafty with rooms that are never the same temperature? Unfortunately, most U.S. homeowners experience this, along with noise pollution and stale, poor-quality indoor air. It wasn’t until the oil crisis of the 1970s that residential building codes became mandatory. So, many of the 130 million homes in our country suffer from poor … Read more

10 Most Popular Home Remodeling Projects—and How Much They Cost

When the pandemic hit in 2020, people had no choice but to stay in their homes. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of employees working from home nearly doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic, rising to 42%. All that time spent at home led to a burst of pandemic remodeling—home improvement spending rose … Read more