Rethinking One Rule Could Help North American Buildings be Better Designed

Imagine walking through a charming neighborhood lined with quaint, walk-up apartments, each brimming with character and history. These buildings, often found in cities worldwide, are not just architectural gems but also a testament to urban diversity. However, in North America, a different story unfolds. Apartment buildings are larger, more imposing, and stretch across entire blocks. … Read more

3 foot wide house

The Famous 3 Foot Wide House “Skinny House” or “Pie House”

The “skinny house”, or “pie house” as it is referred to by locals, has taken Tik Tok by storm recently. Located in Deerfield, Illinois this uniquely shaped property recently sold for $295,000! Take a look at this slice of history for yourself.  3-Feet Of Quirky Living While the front of this house looks like your … Read more

outdated home trends MSN

23 Outdated Home Trends Millennials Hate, But Boomers Love

Trends come and go, but some should definitely stay gone. Sometimes it’s a mystery as to why trends even rose to popularity in the first place. Whatever the case, as you ring in the New Year, take a look around your home and make sure you don’t have any of these interior design trends in … Read more

heat pump system on side of house

What Is a Heat Pump & How Does It Work? (Explained)

Imagine if you could magically move heat from one place to another, like a genie in a bottle granting your thermal wishes. Well, that’s basically what heat pumps do – they pump heat!  By manipulating the refrigerant temperature within a closed loop, heat pumps can collect ambient heat from the air and concentrate it. It’s … Read more

woman doing home improvement

7 Home Improvement Purchases That Are Life-changing

Are you searching for ways to improve the quality of life in your home? Something to make life a little easier, cleaner, or more comfortable? We’ve got you covered.  1. Whole House Humidity Control Humidity control is a life-changing home improvement that serves various functions. First, it helps alleviate the indoor drying that accompanies winter. … Read more

woman in 70s home

16 Things in 70s Homes: Cringeworthy & Loved Come Back Items

The ’70s was a laid-back era of music and fun times. So it’s interesting to look back at how things were and how they have changed.  What was popular in homes during the 1970s? We list 16 items; surprisingly, some are still around, although changed. 1.) Shag Carpeting Nothing says 1970’s more than shag carpet. … Read more

woman with bedroom plants.

4 Best Bedroom Plants: Purify Air, Improve Sleep & Add Decor

Since we spend a third of our lives in bed, our bedrooms must be as attractive and comfortable as possible. We’ll explain how bedroom plants can assist us in achieving this.  Surprisingly, a single plant can significantly improve the air quality in your bedroom. Additionally, you’ll find plants that reduce noise and others that have … Read more