onions growing in the garden

10 Onion Growing Stages: From Bulb & Seed + Growing Tips

Like all root vegetables, much of onion growth is hidden below the soil surface.  This article will unearth the truth about these versatile bulbs, explaining the best growing conditions for onions, the onion life cycle, and the onion growing stages.  Plus, we’ll also debunk some myths about spring onions and scallions.  Onion Growing Conditions Likely … Read more

the different stages of asparagus growth

The Stages of Growing Asparagus You Never Knew Existed

Are you a fan of asparagus spears but clueless about its ferns? Did you know that it can also have edible berries? Delving into the life cycle of asparagus plants can be fascinating and help you easily cultivate them. Don’t miss out on the joys of growing your own asparagus and watching the plant develop. … Read more

girl showing cauliflower companion plants growing in greenhouse.

5 Must-Have Cauliflower Companion Plants For Best Harvest

Today, cauliflower is becoming more trendy, and it’s common to see it used in pizza crust, rice, bread, and crackers. It’s an excellent cool-season vegetable crop that’s adaptable to both partial shade and full sun. Cauliflower also comes in colors other than white and can be used for adding color to your garden and plate. … Read more

harvesting carrots with companion plants

5 Must-Have Carrot Companion Plants For The Best Harvest

Root vegetables are enjoyable to grow because you never quite know what you’re going to get—some carrots can create some pretty unique shapes as they mature! Carrots represent almost every color of the rainbow. Also, if you let their lovely, airy, leafy tops flower, you won’t believe the display! We’ll cover the best carrot companion … Read more

harvesting cabbage plants

7 Best Companion Plants for Cabbage Family: Pests + What to Avoid

Cabbage is a simple plant to grow, and many of its varieties are so attractive that you could grow them alongside your ornamental plants. The amount of food you get for the amount of space used makes cabbage, which can grow quite large, worthwhile. They face the most significant threat from aphids and the dreaded … Read more

woman growing broccoli in a garden with companion plants

Broccoli Companion Plants: Top 5 Best & 4 Harmful to Avoid

Broccoli may be a vegetable that you either love or hate, but once you grow it, you’ll most likely love it. It’s an excellent crop for the cool season that can handle a little bit of light shade. They are also big, beautiful plants that can produce for several weeks. Try growing the “Romanesco” type … Read more

harvest of beets companion plants with carrots

Beets Companion Plants: Top 4 Best Plants + 3 to Avoid

Beets are a crop that indeed provides everything: both the leaves and the roots can be consumed! The bright red round roots are what most people are accustomed to seeing pickled in salads, but beet leaves are also delicious and nutrient-rich and can be prepared similarly to spinach. We’ll cover all of beets companion plants … Read more

man made cauliflower, scientist in a lab

Is Cauliflower Man Made or Natural? (Solved + Fascinating)

Rich in antioxidants and vitamin K, cauliflower is a tasty addition to any meal. As you’re considering the health benefits of this fibrous vegetable, you might be wondering: is cauliflower man made?  Let’s take a look at how farmers used selective breeding to cultivate desirable wild cabbage traits over many centuries.  The Short Answer: Is Cauliflower … Read more

asparagus plant growing in a field

Asparagus Companion Plants: 5 Good Choices & What to Avoid

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable, so you have to wait two years after planting it to start harvesting is somewhat offset by the fact that it can produce for 15 to 30 years. However, fresh shoots that emerge from the ground in the spring can be eaten, and for the remainder of the growing season, … Read more

artichoke growing in a garden

Artichoke Companion Plants: 5 Perfect Choices & What to Avoid

One of the few perennial vegetables is the artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus). This lovely plant is silvery green and works well in vegetable gardens and ornamental beds. The artichoke’s unopened flower is its edible portion. But don’t be too sad if you miss the harvest of an unopened flower; the flowers are just as … Read more