closeup of world's largest cabbage

The Quest for the World’s Largest Cabbage: From Seed to Record

Welcome to the intriguing world of giant vegetables, where size is the ultimate measure of success. In this exploration, we focus on the king of the garden, the cabbage, but not just any cabbage – the world’s largest cabbage.  We will delve into the history, science, and art of growing these colossal cabbages and share … Read more

David Latimer's world's oldest sealed terrarium garden

World’s Oldest Sealed Terrarium by David Latimer

In 1960, David Latimer decided to grow a sealed glass bottle terrarium. He never imagined that it would grow into an incredible research study and be dubbed “the world’s oldest terrarium.”  Over the years, David’s bottle garden was sealed shut but remains healthy and robust as it can be. It has a flourishing plant life even … Read more

vegetables that do not like peat moss

17 Vegetables That Do Not Like Peat Moss: Revealed

Today, we’re veering off the beaten path to explore a fascinating aspect of our leafy friends that might surprise you. If you’ve been gardening for a while, you’re probably familiar with peat moss – that fibrous, brown material that often graces our garden beds as a soil amendment. Celebrated for its ability to retain moisture … Read more

indoor fruit trees

18 Best Indoor Fruit Trees: Guide to Your Own Edible Oasis

Picture this: You’re lounging on your couch, a warm sunbeam gently caressing your face, and you suddenly crave fresh fruit. You could hop in your car and drive to the store, or even better, simply pluck a juicy, homegrown delight from your indoor fruit tree. That’s right, folks! With a bit of love, care, and patience, … Read more

durian fruit

Strange Fruit – Unusual Ideas for Fruits That You Can Grow at Home

Growing fruit is one of the most rewarding – and delicious – aspects of horticulture. Apples. pears, cherries, and smaller berries like raspberries and strawberries evoke memories of childhood, especially when it is time to pick the ripe fruit, and they will grow practically anywhere. Today, in the 2020s, life is all about choice. Many, … Read more

corn man made in lab

Is Corn Man-Made: Uncovering the Human Influence on Nature’s Bounty

In the vast and varied world of plants, corn stands out as a vital and influential crop. As a result, corn has become deeply intertwined with our lives as a staple in human diets and economies throughout history.  It’s natural to wonder about the origins of this unique plant and the part humans have played … Read more