composting bin

Beginner’s Guide to Composting

Composting—the act of recycling organic matter, from food to lawn clippings—keeps biodegradable materials out of the waste stream while adding beneficial nutrients to the soil. Food, which occupies the largest space-by-volume in landfills, can break down in your backyard to help plants grow, increase moisture retention in the ground, and lower our carbon footprint by … Read more

farmer burning leaves in yard

Burning Leaves: Experts Warn Against & Offer Suggestions

It’s time to finish cleaning up the fall leaves before we get into the depths of winter. But don’t make the mistake of using the old-fashioned method of burning leaves.  Many states and cities have laws against leaf burning, although some don’t. And homeowners don’t realize the negative impacts it has.  We reached out to … Read more

reuse microgreen soil

Can You Reuse Microgreen Soil? (The Perfect Solution)

After cutting your tray of greens, you will have a tray of soil with many fibrous roots and stems. The microgreens will not sprout again since you chopped them below the cotyledons. Plus, you probably spent good money or lots of time getting high-quality soil.  So, you may be wondering, can you reuse microgreen soil? … Read more

banana peel going in compost to grow plants

Banana Peels in Compost: Guide (Turn Waste Into Pay Dirt)

Every time you throw away banana peels, you’re not only discarding a tasty, nutritious snack but also tossing out nutrient-rich additives for your garden. Banana peels contribute essential nutrients to compost, reducing food waste and nourishing soil and plants. While composting seems easy, there are many things you should know about adding banana peels to … Read more