black strawberry closeup

Black Strawberries: Real or Fake? [Solved]

Most people would choose red or pink if asked to associate strawberries with a color. The association between strawberries and the color red is so strong that food manufacturers started coloring their raspberry-flavored products blue to avoid confusion. However, strawberries come in several colorful varieties besides red. In fact, you may have seen shiny, jet-black … Read more

mint is a perennial plant repels mosquitoes

“Best” Perennial Plants That Repel Mosquitoes ~ Shade & Sun

Let’s face it. Mosquitoes are the most annoying flying pests! There is nothing worse than trying to garden or enjoy some relaxing time in the backyard when the little buggers are buzzing around your ears. Chemical laden sprays and mosquito netting are no fun either. Plants can help. It won’t be an invisible forcefield where … Read more

lavender blooms

A Simple Secret For Lush Lavender Blooms Revealed

Blurring the boundary between herb and flower, lavender plants offer an abundance of uses. Beautiful, aromatic, soothing… we all want more of this flower in our gardens.  One TikTok gardener shared his secret for an abundant harvest. And guess what? It’s simpler than you would think. The Secret? Properly Pruning Lavender. Here’S How It’s one … Read more

laughing gardener

Caught Green-Handed: The Hilarious Way One Gardener Fought Back Against Plant Thieves

In a world where garden theft is surprisingly common, one person decided to fight back uniquely and humorously.

When their mother’s garden became a target for thieves, they created a ‘punny’ wall of shame, capturing the culprits on a dash cam and displaying their faces alongside clever plant-related puns.

But not everyone found it amusing.

indoor fruit tree kitchen

Grow Free Fruit: Using Kitchen Scraps for Homegrown Fruit Trees

Have you ever wondered if you could grow your favorite fruits at home for free? Well, it turns out you can!

With just a few simple steps shown in a popular video that got, plus a sprinkle of patience, you can transform kitchen scraps into thriving fruit plants.

Let’s dive into the exciting world of growing avocados, mangos, cherries, dragon fruits, and pomegranates from scratch!

pruning a tomato plant

Super-Simple Tomato Pruning Tips to Skyrocket Your Harvest

Whether you categorize them as a fruit or a vegetable, tomatoes are a garden staple that are most delicious when plucked fresh from the vine.  These vibrant red globes require relatively low maintenance and thrive in pots, making them an ideal choice for gardeners with limited space. So, what’s the key to a plentiful harvest … Read more

huge cabbage plant

Man Unveils a Monster-Sized Cabbage + Growing Secrets

Ever seen a cabbage so large it becomes a viral sensation? If not, you’re in for a treat! A man just shared a spectacular showcase of his oversized cabbage, and it’s mesmerizing the internet. A whopping 1.2 million views, over 200,000 likes, and 9,000 shares! This cabbage isn’t just enormous; it’s become an internet superstar. … Read more

closeup of world's largest cabbage

The Quest for the World’s Largest Cabbage: From Seed to Record

Welcome to the intriguing world of giant vegetables, where size is the ultimate measure of success. In this exploration, we focus on the king of the garden, the cabbage, but not just any cabbage – the world’s largest cabbage.  We will delve into the history, science, and art of growing these colossal cabbages and share … Read more

David Latimer's world's oldest sealed terrarium garden

World’s Oldest Sealed Terrarium by David Latimer

In 1960, David Latimer decided to grow a sealed glass bottle terrarium. He never imagined that it would grow into an incredible research study and be dubbed “the world’s oldest terrarium.”  Over the years, David’s bottle garden was sealed shut but remains healthy and robust as it can be. It has a flourishing plant life even … Read more