glacier pothos plant njoy

Glacier Pothos: Care Guide, 6 Common Problems + Origin Story

The rare and mysterious Glacier Pothos is a gorgeous houseplant with dark green, silvery green, and bluish-gray variegation. Although it’s a tropical vine, it is hardy and adaptable and doesn’t require a special care regime. If you’re lucky enough to find it, you’ll discover that keeping it alive in any home is easy, even if … Read more

harvesting cabbage plants

7 Best Companion Plants for Cabbage Family: Pests + What to Avoid

Cabbage is a simple plant to grow, and many of its varieties are so attractive that you could grow them alongside your ornamental plants. The amount of food you get for the amount of space used makes cabbage, which can grow quite large, worthwhile. They face the most significant threat from aphids and the dreaded … Read more

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Are Scented Candles Actually Bad for You?

What is a spa day, romantic dinner, or cozy night in without a candle or two to set the mood? For over a decade, headlines have warned consumers about toxic chemical exposure when burning candles indoors, but new research tells us that our worries might be overblown. A study published in 2009 found that burning … Read more

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11 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Cozy for Fall

If there’s a room in your house that should feel like your “safe space,” it’s your bedroom. A cozy bedroom can inspire feelings of peace and protection that can lead to better-quality sleep. “Your bedroom is where you end your day, unwind, and fall asleep,” says Anna Franklin, interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective. … Read more