neon pothos on a shelf

Neon Pothos: Care Guide, Propagation Tips + 5 Common Problems

 Epipremnum aureum ‘neon’ is the living proof that low-maintenance, beginner-friendly houseplants don’t have to be boring. With its vibrant neon-green foliage, this plant will make a bold statement in whichever room you put it in.  Easy to find and easy to care for, Neon Pothos doesn’t ask for much in terms of growing conditions. However, … Read more

baltic blue pothos in white pot

Baltic Blue Pothos: Care Guide & 2 Problems to Avoid

Baltic Blue Pothos is one of the newest and trendiest varieties of pothos. A cultivar of the Epipremnum pinnatum, this houseplant adds a touch of color to any room and will become a veritable centerpiece when it reaches maturity. Although it’s rarer than other cultivars, it’s a beginner-friendly plant, well-worth adding to your collection.  The Baltic … Read more

anthurium leaves with brown spots

Why Anthurium Leaves Have Brown Spots (What to do About It)

What’s more beautiful than anthurium plants? From pink to purple and white, the colors of these lovely flowers are endless. While the blooms are eye-catching, giving your home a refreshing vibe and charming look, seeing brown spots on the leaves is worrisome. Your anthurium leaves turning brown indicates that you should change your care routine. … Read more

monstera burle marx flame

Monstera Burle Marx Flame: Plant Care Guide (Amazing Leaf Shape!)

If you’re looking for an incredibly unique and stunning plant that will make quite the impression in your home, let’s talk about the Monstera Burle Marx Flame.  This plant stands out because of its artistically shaped leaves, but its tropical nature can be challenging to take care of. But, with the help of our care … Read more

bushy looking pothos plant

How to Grow Big Pothos Leaves (Complete Indoor Guide)

Pothos is a popular houseplant that produces a long vine of waxy green foliage. These large leaves provide your space with natural decoration and air filtration. Best of all, pothos plants are hard to kill. But what about a plant that won’t simply survive but will thrive? In the right growing conditions, pothos plants can … Read more

strawberry shake philodendron plant under grow light

Strawberry Shake Philodendron: Care Guide for Beautiful Plants

A plant that looks just as attractive as it sounds, the ‘Strawberry Shake’ Philodendron is a rare plant with spade-shaped leaves that are light in color when they’re young, but they start to darken into a much richer shade as they get more mature. The colors really start to come out once your leaves are dark green. … Read more

jade pothos plant on a refrigerator

Jade Pothos: Care & Propagation Guide + 3 Common Problems

Are you looking for a houseplant that can survive anywhere in your home? Then look no further than the Jade Pothos. This tropical vine is perfect for beginners and requires very little maintenance. Plus, it won’t mind low light conditions, which is always a plus if your home doesn’t get enough natural light.  Let’s closely … Read more