woman watering garden plants.

13 Best Border Plants For Edging

Border plants are a great way to complete a garden’s design, whether edging a walkway or finishing a flower bed. We’ll share 13 beautiful border plants that need little care but are still low-maintenance. The plants can significantly enhance any outdoor area. In addition, some come with additional benefits that will increase the value of … Read more

white alocasia flower blooming

Alocasia Flower: What It Means & How to Get Yours to Blossom

The Alocasia plant is part of the Arum family of herbs originating in Southeast Asia. It was first seen in homes as a houseplant in the 1950s in the US. The arrow-shaped foliate is very large and has significant white veining. That is one of its biggest draws since it doesn’t produce a lot of … Read more

woman buying a houseplant in garden center

Things to Consider When Buying a Houseplant: Guide + 14 Tips

You may have found the plant on your wish list, or maybe you’re buying your first houseplant. But, before pulling out your wallet. Spend some time with your new prospect. Use the following houseplant buying guide to ensure you’re getting the highest-quality plant. Touch it. Turn the leaves over. Inspect the stem and roots. (Like … Read more

anthurium leaves with brown spots

Why Anthurium Leaves Have Brown Spots (What to do About It)

What’s more beautiful than anthurium plants? From pink to purple and white, the colors of these lovely flowers are endless. While the blooms are eye-catching, giving your home a refreshing vibe and charming look, seeing brown spots on the leaves is worrisome. Your anthurium leaves turning brown indicates that you should change your care routine. … Read more

butterfly bush fall flower in bloom with butterfly

50 Fall Flowers That Bloom in October

When we enthuse about fall color, it’s usually in reference to the changing colors of leaves. It’s spring and summer that are supposed to be about flowers. But October is a time of glorious beauty for many plants, from wildflowers that naturally bloom in autumn to cultivars of garden favorites that have been selected to … Read more

begonia flowers in bloom

Begonia Care: Beginner’s Plant Guide + 4 Common Problems to Avoid

When looking at exotic foliage plants, the Begonia rex ranks at the top of the list; the upper sides of its leaves can have a variety of color combinations, while the undersides are primarily reddish brown. Although fully grown plants may occasionally form clusters of solitary pink flowers, the rex-type begonias are mainly grown for … Read more

pink azalea flowers in pot

Azalea Plant Care: 101 Beginner’s Guide + Common Problems to Avoid

Few indoor plants can match an Azalea indica in full bloom as a specimen plant. The Azalea flower can range in color from pure white to dull red, is found at the end of the branches, and have short, coarse, oval-shaped leaves. Additionally, there are beautiful color variations, such as double pink flowers.  Most of the better … Read more

anthurium plant care guide

Anthurium Plant Care: 101 Beginner’s Guide for Beautiful Blooms

The philodendron family, which includes anthuriums, prefers moist, humid, warm circumstances to dry and chilly ones. Numerous anthurium varieties exist, but only three are appropriate for growing as an indoor houseplant.  These three feature broad, arrow-shaped leaves on thin stalks:  Anthurium andraeanum  Anthurium scherzerianum Anthurium guatemala We’ll cover some other varieties and give you Anthurium … Read more

flowering urn plant

Urn Plant: Hardy & Beautiful Blooms (Aechmea Care Guide)

This exotic floral houseplant, native to tropical South America, is also one of the hardiest. Its foliage ranges in color from light gray to dark red and is highly coarse and edged with quite sharp spines. The plant is known as an “urn plant” because its overlapping, recurving leaves naturally form a waterproof urn shape. … Read more