diagram explaining a heat pump in a home

Types of Heat Pumps: (Air & Ground-Source Explained)

Heat pumps do not create heat in the same manner as a traditional furnace. A heat pump needs electrical power to work, but it can supply more heat than the electricity used. Although, just like any device, a heat pump reaches an equilibrium where it cannot make any more heat.  When the ambient temperature drops … Read more

graphic of sustainable home improvements

Top 12 Sustainable Home Improvements

Whether you want to save money or the planet, these sustainable home improvements will help. Adding insulation, air-sealing, and new windows will also make your home more comfortable. Here is a list of the top twelve home improvements to make your home more sustainable: 1.) Schedule HVAC System Maintenance Homeowners often do not keep up … Read more

ductless mini split unit on wall

Hidden Ductless Mini Split (How to Hide / Camouflage Your Unit)

Homeowners looking for alternatives to conventional HVAC equipment might consider installing mini splits. Ductless mini splits can maximize a building’s energy performance while providing many heating and cooling benefits. These air-source heat pumps rely on an interior air-handling unit to work alongside an exterior compressor. The indoor unit typically hangs at the top of an … Read more

woman using a mini split air conditioner system

Mini Split- Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning: What It Is + Why You Need One

Cooling and heating a house is a costly endeavor. But proper temperature control will provide greater levels of comfort and can contribute to your home’s overall health. (If you can’t imagine how temperature could affect a building’s integrity, think of frozen pipes and rotting support beams.)  If you’re looking for an energy-efficient way to heat … Read more

desert modern home - media-feed

This Striking Desert Oasis Will Give You Serious Home Envy

The minimalist contemporary home was designed by LA-based architectural firm Woods + Dangaran and sits in the hillside enclave of Desert Palisades. Image Credit: Joe Fletcher courtesy of The Agency / Fancy Pants Homes. ‘The Woods House’ When lauded architecture firm Woods + Dangaran completed their ambitious Palm Springs project, the Woods House, design magazines … Read more