bush cucumber plants growing on ground

Bush Cucumbers: New Space-Saving Growing Method (No Trellis)

If you love pickles and cucumbers and want to try growing and making your own, this is actually an easier process than you think. Many people assume that you need an elaborate setup of trellises and extensive gardening skills to make this happen. The truth is you can very easily take on this project with … Read more

David Latimer's world's oldest sealed terrarium garden

World’s Oldest Sealed Terrarium by David Latimer

In 1960, David Latimer decided to grow a sealed glass bottle terrarium. He never imagined that it would grow into an incredible research study and be dubbed “the world’s oldest terrarium.”  Over the years, David’s bottle garden was sealed shut but remains healthy and robust as it can be. It has flourishing plant life even though … Read more

reuse microgreen soil

Can You Reuse Microgreen Soil? (The Perfect Solution)

After cutting your tray of greens, you will have a tray of soil with many fibrous roots and stems. The microgreens will not sprout again since you chopped them below the cotyledons. Plus, you probably spent good money or lots of time getting high-quality soil.  So, you may be wondering, can you reuse microgreen soil? … Read more

sprouts with a wood background

Sprouts vs. Microgreens / Baby Greens (Differences + Nutrition)

The demand for fresh, organic, and locally sourced food has increased during the past 20 years. As a result, the modest farm has been revitalized, and people are once again appreciating fresh veggies. The growth of the broader movement toward clean, whole foods, the farmers market’s resurrection, and the CSA model’s introduction have all been … Read more

growing red cabbage microgreens

Growing Microgreens: Easy & Quick 10 Step How-to (Explained)

A straightforward ten-step process can be used to grow microgreens. You’ll find that it requires little effort, time, and knowledge. As you incorporate the growing of fresh, healthy greens into your life, you will quickly develop the necessary skills and efficiency. Get ready to start growing microgreens! Step 1.) Fill Your Growing Trays With Soil … Read more

leveling a garden with a retaining wall

Garden Leveling: Leveling a Sloping Garden (Step-by-Step)

Do you have a sloping garden and don’t like it? It doesn’t have to remain that way; you can do something about it. Leveling a sloping garden may seem daunting, but it’s not that difficult. You can have the level garden of your dreams with some elbow grease or hire a professional. There are many … Read more

banana peel going in compost to grow plants

Banana Peels in Compost: Guide (Turn Waste Into Pay Dirt)

Every time you throw away banana peels, you’re not only discarding a tasty, nutritious snack but also tossing out nutrient-rich additives for your garden. Banana peels contribute essential nutrients to compost, reducing food waste and nourishing soil and plants. While composting seems easy, there are many things you should know about adding banana peels to … Read more

testing soil for plants

Matching Soil & Plants = Thriving Landscape

The soil is where plants are grown. It is made up of little fragments of rock broken off of mountains and other bigger rocks, together with a few pieces of extinct plant and animal life. Here, dissolved nutrients are absorbed by plant roots and transformed into the plant’s stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit.  The following … Read more

hoya verticillata plant in bloom

Hoya Verticillata: Fun Facts & Care Tips + Common Problems to Avoid

Hoyas are exotic and striking tropical epiphytic plants that grace any home or garden. One rare variety of Hoya is Hoya verticillata, distinguished for its cream-colored blooms with dazzling pink or reddish centers.  If you’re lucky to have one of these rare plants in your possession, you need to know how to care for them … Read more