family hosting thanksgiving dinner

18 Tips For Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner, According to Experts

The holidays are fast approaching. And hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a stressful process. So, we gathered expert advice to make it as stress-free and memorable as possible.  Experts revealed tips for preparation, beverages, trending foods, and commonly forgotten items. Time to bust out your finest dinnerware and deck the house into a Michelin-rated restaurant! … Read more

thanksgiving pie making.

10 Plant-Based Recipes For a Big Thanksgiving Table

Serving plant-based meals during a holiday so focused on turkey may seem far-fetched, but with the prime produce the autumn season offers—and a turkey shortage pushing prices up as much as 73% from 2021—it’s the perfect time to add more plants to the table. Butternut squash, apples, pumpkins, cranberries—all these antioxidant-rich plants are worthy alternatives … Read more

man made cauliflower, scientist in a lab

Is Cauliflower Man Made or Natural? (Solved + Fascinating)

Rich in antioxidants and vitamin K, cauliflower is a tasty addition to any meal. As you’re considering the health benefits of this fibrous vegetable, you might be wondering: is cauliflower man made?  Yes, cauliflower is man made. But that doesn’t mean scientists created cauliflower in a lab. The history of cauliflower goes back much further than … Read more

cranberry harvest

Are Cranberries Man Made? History, Humans & Uses (Solved)

Many Americans consume cranberry juice regularly. But did you realize that cranberries are man-made?  Don’t feel bad if you were unaware. Many people ask the question, “are cranberries man made?”. We’ll cover the history of cranberries and how humans became involved with their production.  Where Cranberries Came From: History & Timeline The Vaccinium genus and the … Read more

man made lemons completed by scientist

Are Lemons Man Made? Created in a Lab, or Natural? (Explained)

Did life give us lemons? Or did we make them ourselves? The citrus family has an elaborate taxonomy, much of which precedes historical documentation.  So it’s difficult to say when, where, or how the first lemon trees appeared. Let’s look at the existing evidence and scientific speculation to determine if lemons are man-made.  A Hybrid … Read more

man made broccoli with scientist

Is Broccoli Man Made or Natural? (Solved + Surprising)

If you’re wondering, “is broccoli man made?”, the answer is yes, broccoli is man-made. But don’t panic. That doesn’t necessarily mean the vegetable originated in a laboratory. In fact, broccoli isn’t even a recent invention. Read on to learn how ancient farmers used selective breeding to produce broccoli.  A Quick Guide to Selective Breeding  Selective … Read more

reuse microgreen soil

Can You Reuse Microgreen Soil? (The Perfect Solution)

After cutting your tray of greens, you will have a tray of soil with many fibrous roots and stems. The microgreens will not sprout again since you chopped them below the cotyledons. Plus, you probably spent good money or lots of time getting high-quality soil.  So, you may be wondering, can you reuse microgreen soil? … Read more

different types of microgreens in a tray

Different Types of Microgreens: Perfect Starter Varieties + Tips

In this article, different types of microgreens will be highlighted. But, don’t let the mentioned crops constrain you. Numerous herbs and vegetables grow well as microgreens. Avoid fruiting vegetables like squash, tomatoes, etc., and lean toward green crops like kale or collards when selecting vegetable kinds. Below is a chart of the different kinds of … Read more

microgreens and seed packet

10 Common Q&A’s: Grow Microgreens Like a Pro

You might be having some trouble growing your microgreens- or just want to know more so you don’t mess anything up. Here are ten of the most common microgreen questions and the solutions. 1.) What if my microgreens become limp after harvesting? Microgreens must be handled carefully after harvesting due to their delicate nature. Never … Read more

materials for growing microgreens

What Do You Need to Grow Microgreens? (11 Essential Items)

Wondering, “what do I need to grow microgreens?” growing microgreens requires only a small number of supplies. Some of these items may already be in your home, while others will require a small investment.  This article will cover 11 items you’ll need, along with tips for each. 1.) Shallow Growing Trays Shallow containers are used … Read more