graphic of sustainable home improvements

Top 12 Sustainable Home Improvements

Whether you want to save money or the planet, these sustainable home improvements will help. Adding insulation, air-sealing, and new windows will also make your home more comfortable. Here is a list of the top twelve home improvements to make your home more sustainable: 1.) Schedule Hvac System Maintenance Homeowners often do not keep up … Read more

aircrete home construction

Aircrete: What It Is, Pros & Cons, Uses in Homes/Domes

Building a new home incurs many monetary and environmental costs. One of the biggest sources of these costs is the material used in the masonry blocks, also known as the literal building blocks of your home.  Concrete is a very popular masonry material and one of the most widely used synthetic materials on Earth. Its … Read more

insulating an attic with cellulose

Insulating an Attic: Benefits, How-to & Tips

Ever wonder how to lower your energy bill without sweltering in the summer or freezing in the winter? According to the United States Department of Energy, proper insulation and air sealing can achieve energy savings of 10-20%. The estimated savings are even higher for older houses with little to no insulation.  The best part is … Read more

installing a type of attic insulation

Types of Attic Insulation + 3 Ways to Avoid Danger & Damage

 Attic insulation sits on the attic floor joists and the backside of the drywall ceiling. A properly insulated attic keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition to providing greater comfort, proper insulation could help lower your energy bills.  If you’re thinking about upgrading your attic insulation, the materials … Read more

rim joist drawing

Rim Joist: Purpose, Insulation & Common Mistakes

Rim joists run around the outer edge of wood-framed houses, providing critical structural support to a home’s floor frame.  Properly insulated rim joists can increase your building’s energy efficiency. However, improperly insulated rim joists will not only impede energy efficiency but can also lead to structural damage.  Data collected by the U.S. Census indicates that … Read more

Frank Lloyd Wright home showing amazing use of roof overhang sizes.

Roof Overhang Guide

A roof overhang is not just for looks. Properly designed overhangs will shade windows in the summer, allow the sun in during the winter, and keep the rain away from the building. And when you can keep rain from entering doors, windows, siding, and foundations the less chance of moisture problems. Can you imagine standing … Read more

man spraying spray foam insulation for maximum r value

Spray Foam Insulation R-value: Per Inch Guide

You might get some sticker shock if you price out spray foam insulation. It is expensive if done correctly by a professional contractor. So, you want to make sure it’s worth it. This article will cover spray foam insulation R-values and why you should, or most likely not use it. The way most insulation is … Read more

roll of bubble wrap insulation

Bubble Wrap Insulation ~ Does it Work?

Using bubble wrap insulation can work in some applications, such as adding insulation to old windows. But, it doesn’t make sense to use in a building assembly. Other options can work better and cost less. Read on to learn more. Jump To a Section Bubble Wrap Insulation R Value Bubble Wrap vs Foam Insulation Bubble … Read more

what to do when hot water heater smells like sulfur

Hot Water Heater Smells Like Sulfur

If you’ve recently replaced your water heater, and now your water smells like sulfur, this is the article for you. We replaced a gas hot water heater in 2019 with a Rheem electric hybrid heat pump water heater.  About a week after installation, there started to be a “rotten egg” smell.   The smell was … Read more

SuperAttic System Review ~ Dr. Energy Saver

The SuperAttic system is proprietary to Dr. Energy Saver (company website). They aim to add insulation to your rafters instead of the attic floor. Since most people install flooring for additional storage space in the attic, here is a video highlighting the system: Lets review some of what they state on the website. Combines Insulation, … Read more